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Tequila and Bacardi

Hey guys!

Okay, I’ve never blogged before, so I’m just going to wing it! I’m Elena and I’m from Roanoke, VA (45 mins from Lexington) and I am ecstatic to be at W&L in the fall!! Apart from doing our summer workouts, my summer has been pretty uneventful. I have been working at Roanoke Country Club in the pool snack shop all summer, and it has been entertaining to say the least! Between adorable little kids and creepy old men, I have been enjoying taking orders and delivering food. Not to mention I’ve learned how to cook any type of children’s food you could possibly think of (deep fried chicken tenders, grilled cheese, fries, etc.).

Also, I have been on two beach trips so far this summer, one to Hilton Head Island and one to Holden Beach. My family and I also went to Aruba over spring break, and it was, by far, the most amazing trip I have ever been on! We went on an exciting snorkeling adventure, and I was given the chance to snuba (snorkel/scuba dive) in an abandoned shipwreck. I was able to dive 20-30 ft to the ship and stay underwater for about 45 minutes without coming up for air, with the help of an oxygen mask, of course! Also, I went on a horseback riding tour through the Aruban hills and along the volcanic side of the island. I rode a horse named Tequila and my dad rode Bacardi -the Aruban’s said the horses didn’t mix well, so that’s why they chose those names. I found that to be pretty funny. Tequila was a frisky little horse who demanded to be at the front of the pack at all times. As an experienced rider, I was not intimidated by her spirit; as for the beginner riders, where do I begin…

Other than my beach trips, work, and working out, I have been enjoying my time with friends, family, and beloved pets. I have 3 cats and a chocolate lab, and they are my family’s BABIES! We are definitely animal people at the West household. I am really close to my younger sister, Jenna, as well. It will be an adjustment next year without her there, but I am looking forward to meeting many new friends at W&L.

I know my title was a little misleading, but I was hoping for something eye catching! Can’t wait for preseason and see you all soon!


The infamous Tequila and Bacardi

The infamous Tequila and Bacardi


This is Nookie (one of the 3 babies)

This is Nookie (one of the 3 babies)




Hey everyone!

My name is Ellie Petersen and I’m an upcoming freshman. I think this goes without saying, but- I CAN’T BELIEVE PRESEASON IS ONLY A MONTH AWAY! Didn’t mean to be too forward with the all-caps, but I really can’t contain my enthusiasm at this point. I’m from a pretty small town in south Florida and have gone to an even smaller school all the way from kindergarten through twelfth grade, so to say that I’m excited to meet some new people would be an understatement.

So far, this summer has been kind of uneventful for me! When I haven’t been doing our summer workouts, I’ve been working for a local real estate agent who sold our house a few years back, and let me just say, she’s hilarious. Even though I’ve just been doing basic intern stuff, it’s such a fun place to work, and compared to my past summers volunteering at the hospital, it’s a little more laidback! Other than that, my summer has basically consisted of saying a lot of sad goodbyes to old friends and some serious binge-watching of Grey’s Anatomy (anyone else a fan??). Also, I’m very excited for this coming week because I get to celebrate my 18th birthday with some friends and family, and then the next day leave for our camp in Ohio and finally get to meet all the other wonderful freshies!!!

Anyways, I hope you all have been enjoying your summer so far, and I can’t wait to see everyone in Lexington in just a few short weeks!

Here’s a pic of my wirehaired dachshund, Winnie!IMG_7002

Sidenote- I also love cats!!

-Ellie <3

Gennies take DC: Part 2

Hi all,

Like Kelly, I have had the pleasure of spending the last 5 weeks of summer in Washington DC interning for Congressman Duncan Hunter (CA-50). So far it has been an awesome experience! I work from 9-6 and get to do fun stuff ranging from giving tours of the capital building to responding to constituent phone mail.

However, the best part of my internship has definitely been getting to explore DC. Walking around the mall, visiting museums, doing workouts with Kelly and going to Nationals games has made this summer one I’ll never forget. To make things even better I live in the same dorm as Kelly and Al Pal!  For the fourth of July, Mansie came up stayed with me. As you can imagine the 4th in D.C. is a very exciting time! Activities ranged from watching the annual Parade on Constitution Ave, watching fireworks and exploring Georgetown.

This Friday my internship ends and I will return to sunny San Diego for a few weeks. I go back to Lexington on August 10, where I get to move into my new house!

Hope everyone is having an awesome summer!




Virginity Lost

That’s right, you read that correctly… Virginity Lost. Well, my blogging virginity that is. Ever since I received the team email that we’d be blogging, I’ve been ecstatic because I’ve always wanted to blog! I mean, I’m the same as every angst-filled teen looking for an outlet through which to convey my petty grievances and obsessive love for cats. That is what people blog about, right?

Anyways, I’m supposed to talk about my summer. After the incredible experience of senior class trip in Trail West, Colorado, my life has consisted of monotonous work days that serve as the constant, perfectly annoying reminder that I am not yet in Lexington, also fondly referred to as “LexVegas”. Let me talk you through a typical day in the life of Hannah:

Wake Up – My boyfriend wrote me a brilliant Haiku poem entitled “Getting Out of Bed” that, in my opinion, perfectly describes how I feel about waking up at 6:15 in the morning:

Getting Out of Bed

no no no no no,

no no no no no no no,

no no no no no.

However, after I’ve satiated my caffeine-addicted body with fourteen or so cups of coffee (I apologize for the hyperbole), I get really excited to go to work, because I have a pretty awesome job. I’m an intern at Georgia Tech Research Institute and Atlanta Medical Center in downtown Atlanta, GA, and I basically get to hang out with doctors all day. This is the second summer I’ve gotten to do this; I have the opportunity to scrub in and watch orthopedic surgeries as well as work with researchers on a summer project. Right now I’m figuring out why a shoulder replacement broke when it shouldn’t have. I’ll spare y’all the boring details, but basically I get to publish case studies, which most people don’t get to do until they’re medical residents in their twenties. Pretty cool, huh?

The rest of my day I’m either babysitting, working at the YMCA by my house, doing my volleyball workouts (there are days when I actually can’t walk after lifting lol), or of course, traveling for club volleyball. My parents are sort of managing with the whole college transition thing, but complete mental breakdowns and/or conniptions aren’t unusual in the Hoskin household as of late. I can tell they’re excited though… there’s a W&L countdown calendar that appeared on the fridge awhile ago. They’ll figure it all out eventually I guess (:

And so, in closing, as I seal the deal in losing my blogging virginity, I salute my readers and thank you for taking the time to explore this lovely, slightly sarcastic pastiche of words I pulled from my brain. See y’all in Lexington soon!


P.S. For your enjoyment and perusal I have included a picture of one of my many cats. That’s what people blog about, right?

Gennies take DC

Doesn’t this artists signature (from a panel on the library of congress ceiling) almost look like a trident? (Squint a little bit)ImageImage

Abe supports the Generals!

Ask anyone on campus what their favorite parts of Washington and Lee is, and they’ll give you varied answers- there’s a lot to love! Great professors, successful athletics, research opportunities, Greek life, and historical traditions barely scratch the surface. Also among W&L’s strengths is definitely it’s sense of community and this summer, I’ve found that my W&L family reaches far beyond Lexington.

In February, I contacted dozens of W&L alums to ask questions about their professions, industries, and any advice they might have for an undergrad. I couldn’t have imagined more kind and helpful responses and insight. A particular alumna was incredibly enthusiastic and helpful, and helped me land an awesome internship for the summer!

…which is where I am now, and where the W&L family extends. I’m lucky enough to be living in DC with several other gennies, including volleyball playerz Allison (’14) and Jenna (’16). Our mini W&L family has taken over the GW university dorms and the Capitol. I’m living with al pal and took this creeper shot after she went running. Image


And I work out with DJ Gust. We’ve done our split squat jumps and suicides on the sidewalk by the Potomac river and our mountain climber circuit at the gift shop by the Lincoln memorial this summer. I’m so happy she’s here and that we get to do so many things together. Alex(’16) is visiting next week, so a little bit of our happy volleyball family will be reunited before we’re all together for preseason!

And like, what would a blog post about DC be without a good Lincoln quote? I don’t even want to think about it.

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
-honest Abe #3 (okay just kidding, it’s Kel)

We Need to Be More Creative with Our Blog Titles…

Hey friends,

I’m going to have to second/third/fourth what all our recent blog posts have said and say that I can’t believe another year in Lex has flown by. Summer is in full swing down here in St. Pete, which means a lot of heat, humidity, and thunderstorms. However, after this year’s brutal winter in Virginia, I’m not sure I’ll ever take any of that for granted ever again…

My summer has been great so far. Coincidentally, Sam and I were both in the Virgin Islands at the same time, but we were really far from each other so we unfortunately did not get to see each other. My trip was way too much fun though! I went with my whole family. We went boating and snorkeling a lot of the days and ate some delicious seafood. Below are some pics from the trip!

photo 3 (10) photo 2 (10) photo 1 (8)

Other than that, right now I am just interning at an online marketing company near home. In a couple days, my sister and I are actually driving to Virginia together! She just accepted a job in Richmond, which I am ecstatic about! She used to go to grad school in Texas, and I am so so excited to have her so close now. When we go to VA, I’ll be moving into my new house and she’ll be moving into her new apartment in Richmond. My house is called Schoolhouse (fun fact: it apparently used to be a schoolhouse way back when), and I’ll be living in it with Kasey and one of our good friends. I can’t wait to get moved in and make it cute!

Well, that’s all for now. Just 2 months til the best time of year, preseason! I can’t wait to be back at school to see my best friends and to meet all the new freshies!

Xoxo Mansie


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