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Final Stretch

Hello and Merry (almost) Christmas!

As the fall finals week approaches and fall term comes to an end, everyone is slammed with papers and tests and such, but only a week and a half left and we will be home for almost a full month for Christmas break! Its unbelievable how fast this term has gone by, and looking back on it, I can definitely say I have had the best 4 months of my life. I have learned so much and have met so many amazing people (mostly my teammates…#duh). This past weekend was Christmas Weekend, which was especially fun! It was basically 2 nights of Christmas themed parties full of festive outfits, songs, decorations etc. It really got everyone in the Christmas spirit, and now my hall is going to go to Walmart to get a Christmas tree and lights to put in our common room. As nice as it will be to be home, I am very excited for Winter Term because that means we get to start off season training! I have heard so much about the off-season, and I am pumped for my first max lift (even though I don’t even totally know what that means). I miss seeing all the volley girls every day, but our GroupMe is constantly active, so I still feel very in touch with everyone’s lives :) I hope everyone survives finals week and has a wonderful Christmas and New Years!



P.S. I don’t have any cool pics of anything relevant to this blog, so I am attaching one of Vicky and me hiking Devil’s Marble Yard last month… It was quite the adventure, and I was totally obsessed with all the fall leaves (I’m from Florida, and we just have green leaves year round)… LOL enjoy


Free time?

So sad to say our season ended last weekend in NCAA Regional Quarterfinal. However, we accomplished so many things this past season and met many of our goals. Today was the first day we didn’t have practice, and I honestly have no idea what to do with myself. I have SO much free time. I already miss our long, awkward, and hard working practices! Also, it is super weird not seeing everyone every single day. It makes me even more motivated for off season training.

On a brighter note, Thanksgiving break is only five days away! I can’t wait to go home and spend time with family! Not to mention that I will be stuffing my face with homemade food which will be a nice change from DHall. I am even more excited to cuddle up with my pets! I think we can all agree we have missed our pets dearly over the past three months. Anyway, I am looking forward to visiting home and actually being able to stay for an extended amount of time.



Road Trippin’

Hey frands!

Yesterday we left Lexington for our road trip to Ohio to compete in NCAAs and we are all so excited! Bus rides are my favorite! I like to spend equal time getting work done, napping, and watching Netflix, and the embarrassing pictures our team likes to take of each other are pretty priceless. Yesterday, after we arrived in Ohio, we got to practice in Wittenberg’s gym for an hour, and after, we enjoyed a delicious meal at O’Charley’s (free pie!!!!). This morning, after a short but productive practice at the gym, we got smoothies and are now working on homework or catching up on sleep before we leave this afternoon for our game! So far, my first NCAAs have been very fun and exciting, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of this weekend brings!!!!!!

Lots of looove,

Petey :) (a.k.a. Ellie P.)

p.s. here is a lovely pic I snapped of Ohio yesterday on our drive over

IMG_2684 (1)

We won ODACS! Now off to NCAA’s!

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To start the ODAC tournament, our team had our annual bonfire at coach’s house. We all gathered around the fire and cooked our own hot dogs and roasted marshmallows. Holly also cooked an assortment of food, which was awesome as per usual. We always look forward to the bonfire because it’s a great time to bond and relax before and intense week of play.

We beat Randolph in the quarterfinals of the ODAC tournament and then traveled to Randolph-Macon to play the next two rounds. In the semis we fought against Virginia Wesleyan and won after going to 5 sets and then beat out Lynchburg in the finals for the third year in a row! It was a great weekend of competitive volleyball and we had so much support from friends and family! As a result of winning ODACS, we received an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament!! After watching the selection show yesterday, we found out that we will be traveling to Wittenberg University in Ohio to take on Mt. Union in the first round! We have been working hard all season and are pumped to kick butt this weekend!

Senior sistaaas

Hi everyone! This is such an awesome time of the year. Senior night was last weekend, and as if I couldn’t love the team more, they made the night so special for me and Katie! They blew up a giant head for each of us, it was kind of weird but also really cool. The team always hosts Senior Night to culminate seniors’ careers, BUT WE’RE NOT DONE YEEEET!


Senior night definitely made me reflect on all of the awesome things that Generals volleyball has given me for the past three years. I can’t believe the amazing friendships I’ve made with our teammates and coaches. We’ve also all gotten super swoll and speedy… nice. Generals volleyball will, without a doubt, always be what I think about when I reflect on my college experience and I can’t imagine playing at a better place. And again… we’re not done yet!!

The team had an awesome weekend at Guilford last weekend to wrap up our ODAC matches and watched Hocus Pocus on the bus, which is basically everyone’s favorite movies. We’re going to Atlanta this weekend to play UMass Boston, Berry, and Atlanta. Then we’re onto ODACs and NCAAs!

Reading Days 2k14

Hey guys!

So tonight is the last night of Reading Days, which means I’m writing this to procrastinate studying for midterms…jk but not really. Reading Days is essentially fall break at W&L, and we got this past Thursday and Friday off to catch up on work, sleep, and play tons of volleyball. Both years I’ve been here, our Reading Days involved long 10+ hour car rides to Tennessee and Kentucky. But this year, we got to stay within a 4 hour range and didn’t leave the state. As fun as bus rides are, the long ones can get exhausting. This year, we had games in Richmond and VA Beach, and we went 2-1 for the weekend. We had an intense win over Randolph-Macon in 5…the score of the fifth set was 16-18! We fought so hard and it was awesome to come out on top! Coming up, we have senior and Greek night on Tuesday, then two away weekends including one ODAC match and 3 matches against NCAA-ranked teams. We have lots of tough, competitive volleyball ahead of us, and it’s going to be awesome! It’s been an interesting couple weeks for me personally as I recently tore my ACL and meniscus. It’s a bummer not being able to play, but I really like being able to focus more on giving my teammates feedback and helping them get better. I also now watch tons more video with Coach, Taylor and Christina than I used to, and this has upped my volleyball IQ a lot already!

It’s unfortunately time to get back to writing midterm papers. Keep watching us because we’ll be doing big things these next few weeks!

Gennies 4eva,


Sophomore Dinner

Hello friends and family!

This week has been the start of midterms and stressful would be the understatement of the year! Luckily I finished my first two exams this afternoon and my evening has consisted of dinner, Grey’s Anatomy, and Scandal. Basically my three favorite things! :) Although this week has been super crazy, the sophomores got to have their annual sophomore dinner where Holly (coach’s wife) makes the most amazing home cooked meal ever and we all get to hang out at Coach’s house! It is one of my favorite nights of the year! This year we had a delicious meatloaf with potato soup (Kenzie’s favorite food) and salad! Not surprisingly, our conversations revolved around mostly volleyball where we discussed our wonderful, painful summer workouts, flashbacks to the beginning of freshmen year, and our recruiting years. It is amazing how many great memories we have already made after only a year of being together!

I am also super excited for this weekend! We are playing Wittenburg and John Carroll, who will be a great challenge for us! We are also going to have a big fan club from all the families in the Midwest. My mom, her friends, and my cousins are going to be in attendance, which is exciting because I haven’t seen them since August! I wish I was more exciting and had fun things to talk about, but my life has revolved around exams, volleyball and food!

Adios amigos!

Maddy Cutler


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