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Juicy J and Ohio State Basketball??

Spring season is in full swing for the volleyball team! With only one week left, we have been fine-tuning all of our skills so that we can take next season by storm! Last week, we had one minor casualty (Ellie’s right pinky…courtesy of Kenzie), but we can’t wait to have Ellie back as soon as possible!!

Right now, we’re on our longest break of spring season because of Fancy Dress taking over the gym.  Basically, it’s like a prom for college.  This year the theme is Lost Cities of Gold and the sun has finally decided to grace us with its presence just in time for Juicy J and FD!! You may ask why Juicy J is coming to a school like Washington and Lee, home of swing dancing and country music.  I’m not exactly sure why nor do I know any music by him, but hey, it’s a famous person who won a grammy (so my friends say…) so why not go?! 

One last commentary, since March Madness is coming up, I’ve been itching to wear even more obnoxious OSU clothing, much to the chagrin (which is a real word for EVERY announcer at our games who mispronounces it!!) of my teammates.  This is due to my overwhelming love for Aaron Craft.  If you do not know him, please redirect yourself to this link (http://collegespun.com/big-ten/ohio-state/a-day-in-the-life-of-ohio-state-point-guard-aaron-craft) so you can understand how awesome he is and why I must publicly announce my love for him on a daily basis.  I firmly believe that this is our year to win the national title, as is every other year. GO BUCKS!!!

Peace n blessinz,


Snowpocalypse: The Original and Snowpocalypse Two: Winter’s Revenge

There are a lot of things that I love about Washington and Lee. I love the honor code – I literally leave my stuff lying around in the library all the time, and it’s always there when I get back! I actually love my classes. This term I’m taking a journalism class based on the new concerns brought to light by the whistleblower (traitor? hero?) Edward Snowden, and we’ve been learning how to use the encryption and anonymizing software he used to fool the NSA. I’m slightly obsessed with the History that saturates the air here. You can almost just close your eyes and see the men who shaped our country walking around campus (okay, I guess that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the picture). And, obviously, my team is a huge part of why I love it here!
But I’m a Carolina girl, and I gotta tell you, this whole winter thing is getting old. After the original Snowpocalypse two weeks ago, when we got 13 inches of snow and had a grand total of one day of school canceled, I thought it was over. Surely, I thought, it must be time for spring. Famous last words. Because of course the groundhog was right and after a brief interlude of warmth back in SC over Feb Break, here I am shivering in my room, listening to Les Miserables (and completely empathizing with them), and casting angry glances over my lukewarm cup of tea at the Arctic Tundra forming outside my apartment…
Go home Polar Vortex. You’re very lost.
The Girl who is Moving to a Tropical Island upon Graduation,


Hey guys! So by now we are all almost halfway done with winter term which is super weird to think about! Off season is going super well and we are super close to starting spring season!

Right now the team is continuing our offseason workouts and open gyms. One super cool thing the team just did was run a free clinic for middle and high school volleyball players to raise money for the Special Olympics! It was an awesome way for us to get involved in the surrounding community and give back to a charity that we all really care about! 



snow’s out, gun’s out

      I’m from Florida, and I promise, “sun’s out, gun’s out” is a thing; usually, it means you’re exercising outside and your sweaty bod needs a tank top so you can 1) tan appropriately and 2) give your sweat a new place to go (usually on the next person you hug). Well, now I’m in Lexington, and I’m becoming a believer in “snow’s out, gun’s out.” We’ve had temperatures drop to a single degree (what) and the university shut down on Tuesday for a snow day. Regardless, the Gennies have been taking on offseason with a “sun’s out, snow’s out, doesn’t matter because guns are firing and bench pressing like champs” attitude. Dude, nice.

       I blogged about our offseason workouts during my freshman year, and it’s amazing to reflect on the changes and improvements that have been made since then. It has been so incredible to see the improvements that everyone has made in lifting technique and weight, safety form, speed, and explosiveness. I love being on a team that takes this important time of the year so seriously. The way that everyone pushes themselves and holds each other accountable for doing our offseason workouts well shows how committed we can be – it’s awesome, and really unique to our program at w&l. And most importantly, it’s a great way to bond as a team and get swoll before the 2014 season! 

    Alright, gotta roll, team. The girl next to me in the library just started singing. Maybe if I flex, she’ll stop. 

Edit: It worked.





Hey y’all!

I can’t believe off season has already begun! I’m also halfway through my sophomore year of college, which is really terrifying and I’m not sure why I even brought it up…moving on. We’re almost through with our first week of off season lifting and conditioning in 2014, and it’s going great! We’re already working really hard and pushing our limits with the tough plan Coach has created for us. Our first team open gym is this Sunday too, so I’m excited about that as well. And most importantly, now that rush is over, the entire team can FINALLY talk again, freshmen included! I was starting to miss the constant ridiculousness of our group text. Aside from volleyball, as much as we all miss being in season (like always), we are also enjoying the freedom and extra time to do work and see our friends that comes with the off season, and we’re having fun getting to know all our new pledge classes as well! I’m really really happy to be back at school in general, I had a busy break with my Debutante Ball festivities and whatnot. The Ball was a total blast (Kelly and a couple other W&L kids came!), but it made my break a bit tiring and I just missed being with my buds at school. Below a picture of me, Kelly and all of my other ~*~Gennies~*~ guests trying to look society ready at the Ball.


Peace and blessings,


Rush Week!

Hello friends!  I am excited to say that so far my second semester has been just as great as the first!  All of my lovely freshmen friends and I just finished rush week!  For those of you who don’t know, rush week is a three day sorority process in order for us to determine which sorority is right for us.  Each night we go to the houses for small talk and gradually narrow down our choices for each night!  It can be pretty overwhelming, especially with lots of girls chanting and singing at you as you walk in, and very time consuming!  Each night lasted about 4-5 hours but I loved being able to see and talk with my friends!!  From finals week until Friday evening there is a no contact rule, which meant the freshmen couldn’t talk with upperclassmen except for rush week at the sorority houses.  No contact was absolutely the hardest part of rushing and I’m so glad we can talk, snapchat, and like instagram pictures freely again!

The first night every girl goes to all six sorority houses to meet the girls, which is a lot of fun!  The not so fun part was waiting outside in negative degree weather for ten minutes in between each house.  I’m from Indiana, so I pretend like I’m used to the cold, but I was pretty miserable! On the bright side it also made the weather the next two days feel like paradise!

Another fun event of the week was Thursday night! A pipe burst on the fourth floor of graham lees about an hour before we were supposed to go to the houses. Public safety wouldn’t let anyone into graham lees, which meant none of the girls could get ready. Poor Ellie had to come hang out with Kenz and I while they tried to fix the pipe and the final night got delayed about 2 hours. It was pretty unfortunate, but in the end everything worked out. Ellie’s room had a some water on the floor, but it got cleaned up and nothing was severely damaged. (Hooray!)

Overall rush week was a ton of fun and I’m excited to announce that Kenz, Sam, Elizabeth (Lizard), my roommate Jackie(!!!) and I are in Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi) and Ellie and Kenz’s roommate Kara are in Pi Phi! There has been an overwhelmingly large amount of new names to learn (not my strong suit), but I could not be happier!! I’m so excited to meet new people and make even more friends! There is so much to look forward to this semester and I can’t wait to see what is in store for all of us!!



Here is a picture of my pledge class:

and new friends!:

New Years in the Ole Mitten

Hello all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

It’s weird to think that another year has already come and gone. So much has happened for me (and fellow freshmen) in 2013; committing to W&L, graduating from high school, finishing my first season as a general, and finishing my first semester (although it was a close one to actually making it). I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for the team and I! Being from Ann Arbor, MI, naturally on New Years I went downtown to watch the puck drop (yes, a puck because we prefer those to balls here in the mitten). A couple of my friends and I gritted our teeth through 2 hours of -8 degree weather (while 8 inches of snow was dumped on us) with hundreds of maple leafs fans surrounding us, thanks to the Winter Classic being held here this year, to ring in the New Year. Although it was extremely cold, I had a lot of fun with plenty of new friends made (the rumors are true: Canadians are one of the friendliest bunches out there) and a good memory to start the New Year off with. Break has been nice and relaxing, but being separated from the team has been hard! My return to LexVegas cannot come soon enough! We have a lot to look forward to when we get back! Between rush beginning, starting a fresh new semester, and spring season just around the corner, 2014 looks like it will be off to a good start!



Here’s the puck that dropped at midnight!


There was live music performed by a girl who was apparently on The Voice and from Ann Arbor? (who knew)


The lovely weather we are having here that I’m escaping thanks to LexVegas!


Peace N’ Blessings,

Kenzie “Mack Daddy” Shand

P.S. people don’t actually call me Mack Daddy


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