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So Much Has Happened!

So much has happened in the past few weeks, and I will be catching all of you up (sorry for my delay, team)!! Over the first weekend of November, the generals travelled to Atlanta, GA for the annual Emory tournament.  We faced some really tough competition, but played great and this definitely challenged us to improve our game.  The highlight was taking a strong set off of Emory!  During the next week, we travelled to Bridgewater to play them in the first round of ODACS and won!  The gym was the ultimate competitive environment, and I’m so proud of us for coming away with a win on the road.  This past weekend, unfortunately we fell to Randolph-Macon in the semi-finals of the ODAC tournament.  We fought really hard, and I know everyone is so proud of our efforts and all the dedication the seniors have given to our program.  Despite some bumps along the way, overall, we had a really great season and it gave us great things to look forward to building on next year.  I think everyone grew tremendously in their positions, and we had excellent team chemistry that will be hard to recreate.  But, now it is time for each of us to take some time off from volleyball, catch up on classes, and look forward to the coming holiday season.

This past weekend, W&L had its Presidential Gala that happens once every four years with the election cycle, and members of the volleyball team got to get together, get all dressed up, and have a great time tearing it up on the dance floor.  Everyone looked absolutely stunning as well!  But, now with my time off I am looking forward to spending time with a lot of my friends who will soon be going abroad for the winter term and working on a lot of my end of the semester projects and papers.  I feel like this semester absolutely flew by, and I am looking forward for what is to come!

-Madeline Ferguson #21

Fall has fallen

The leaves are changing, and the weather is BEAUTIFUL here in Lexington! This past weekend was so fun–we traveled as a team to Newport News where we went 1-1 for an overall great day of volleyball. When we got back, we were welcomed home by all our alumni friends, as this weekend was young alumni weekend! Some of our favorite volleyball teammates were back in town and we got to dance the night away 🙂

After church today, I went on a short hike with some other alumni friends and had a picnic on top of a mountain–the colors were insanely vibrant. It was 70 degrees and sunny, and now I really want to get the whole team to do a hike together… Check out these pictures!

Later this afternoon I helped Brynne out and took some headshots for her LinkedIn profile picture (shameless plug: please hit me up if you ever need head shots or any sort of pictures, I love photography!) (second shameless plug: connect with Brynne on LinkedIn, she’s new to this…). It was the perfect weather and lighting…look how gorgeous she looks!! (And then see the last picture for some behind the scenes action, haha).

All in all, the craziness of midterms has passed, and life is pretty great. Senior night is on Tuesday, so please come out to cheer on our seniors for their last home game!! And thank you to everyone who continually supports our team–we love y’all!

Much love and blessings, Courtney Berry #20

Live, Love, Thermo

Hello worldwide fans!

Ashleigh Meade here writing this blog on a very weird energy rush post Thermodynamics quiz. If you haven’t heard of Thermodynamics then I am happy for you and please keep your distance, trust me it’s for your own wellbeing (unless you are Anna Soroka who is an absolute beast at Thermo!). Anyhoot, it has been a rainy Sunday here in Lex (hot take the best kind of Sunday because then you don’t feel guilty doing work all day in the lib and not getting to explore the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains) but that hasn’t stopped my pal Al (yuhhh okay rhyme) and I from grinding all day after we hit up our fav trainer Matty Bobby for treatment #weareoldseniorsnowwhoalwaysneedtreatment!

Speaking of Matty Bobby (yes this is a perfect segue not thoroughly planned out whatsoever 🙂 ) this past week the team had off Monday and Tuesday, which we all used wisely to rest our bodies, catch up on work, and most importantly EAT HIBACHI!! Yep that’s right, you heard it here first folks, the entire team (including our lovely manager Joshua) went to Staunton, Virginia to eat A LOT and celebrate our own Courtney Berry on her 21st birthday! It was such a wholesome time, especially because Matty Bobby joined and brought Kiki’s love interest with him… his baby son COLE (Cole once kissed Kiki’s cheek which was a HUGE deal)! Listen I do not want to brag or anything but….. COLE SAID MY NAME! I know I know, isn’t that just incredible, and beautiful, and happiness.

After I peaked at hibachi the team had three banger practices and finished the weekend off with two more ODAC wins! All and all it has been a great week for the Generals and we are looking forward to another big ODAC win this week! LET’S GET AFTER IT LADIES!

Here are two splendid team photos to brighten your day 🙂

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Peace and blussings,

Ca$h Money

Reading Days Fun!

Hey Y’all!

My name is Maggie McSwain and I am one of the four first-years on the team! This past week has definitely been different from the rest, as most of our fellow classmates went home for reading days on Wednesday. Reading days is a time for students to prepare for upcoming midterms, and possibly even return to their home towns for a few days.

This week I spent most of my time preparing for upcoming assessments and getting extra reps in, as did many of my teammates. Clearly those extra reps throughout the week payed off as we had a great GWD on Saturday, taking down both SVU and St. Mary’s! Both wins were huge for us as we took down both teams in straight sets, and exacted our revenge on SVU for a loss earlier in the season. To top off a great day of wins, coach surprised us with a team meal at Panera with desert to follow at Coldstone, a team favorite!

With such a great weekend behind us now, I am excited to see how our level of play will continue to rise this week and next weekend! I am also looking forward to getting back in the swing of things with classes and being able to see some of my classmates again!

Signing off for now,

Mags #14


Parents Weekend Fun and More

Hi blog followers!

Mollie Ray here, writing to tell you about my exciting week! This past weekend was Parents Weekend and I was so lucky to have my whole family here. A ton of volleyball parents came for the weekend and went to our game against Randolph (which we won!) and then headed over to my house for a celebratory cookout. I also showed my family my art show that was just put up on display from my Spring Term drawing class in Italy. That class gave me some of the coolest experiences of my life and it was amazing to relive those times with my family. This weekend I also received news that I have been accepted to Vanderbilt for a year in graduate school to get my Masters of Accountancy. Anchor Down!! I’m so excited to be living in the same city as Katie Volk for a year, a W&L teammate from two years ago. They say good news comes in threes but its also my birthday on Tuesday so I think I’m luckier than I deserve these days.

Now I’m sitting in the library with Allie Case as we finish up our homework for tomorrow. We had a crazy busy weekend but it was worth it!!!

Many good things around the corner and a lot to be thankful for on this Sunday night!

Mollie #13


My artwork hung up on campus, and so lucky to have both my sisters here for the weekend!



Fall term is flying by!

Hi Everyone!

Week 4 of classes are coming up which means we are nearly 1/3rd of the way done with the semester and it’s been over a month since preseason began! I can’t believe how fast my senior year is going by. Midterms are right around the corner, so there will be lots of studying coming up in the next two weeks.

My classes this semester have been very interesting so far! I am taking two classes that count towards my accounting major and two random classes. One of the random classes I am in is the intro-level psychology course, Brain and Behavior. I have never taken a science or psychology class at W&L before, but the material I am learning about the brain so far is incredible.

Mock Convention 2020 is coming up this February (it only happens every 4 years) and at the Mock Con Fair earlier this month I joined the Florida Delegation. Earlier this week, I had my first Mock Con Delegation meeting and I am so excited to be a part of this unique W&L experience and have the opportunity to serve as my delegation’s Treasurer!

We have been working hard on the court this season and are looking forward to our next home game against Randolph-Macon on Wednesday. This will be our Pack the House night where we want to fill the gym with as many fans as we can! Go Gennies!!!

Till next time,

Allison #12



One Month on Campus

Hey All!

It was a great Gennies weekend- we won both of our games! I have really enjoyed getting to know my teammates for the past month on campus, as well as other student-athletes.

This semester I am taking Econ, European History, Anthropology, and American Politics. I love all of my classes and professors so far. On Wednesday, we had Professor’s Night where we invited our professors to watch our game against Shenandoah. It was so much fun having them cheer us on!

Adjusting to life on campus hasn’t been too difficult so far. For one, I got lucky with my dorm because I am in a loft room. That means that I have my desk and closet downstairs and my bed upstairs, so I have plenty of space to chill out after classes and practices. Also, my sister has been a lot of help with giving me advice about school and volleyball.

Looking forward to some ODAC matches this week!

Ashley #11