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Spring Break on the West Coast

Hey y’all!

Finals are over and spring break is here! Like junior year of high school, my third year at W&L has been hard. I was extremely happy to be done with winter term. I finished all my papers, projects, and exams early so I could join my family in California for a long overdue vacation. My oldest brother’s job sent him to Australia to work in their Sydney office, and I had not seen him in over a year! It was so nice for all five of us to be together again.

13062129_10208931051863771_5748180161925700802_n - Copy

Missed this goofball

While I’ve heard Coach Taylor, Jenna, and KV talk about how much they love the West coast, I was skeptical of a place that refers to a highway as “the” 101. It’s still incorrect, but I will say California is beautiful! My parents and I drove up the coast from LA to St. Helena and the views were amazing! Once I got over the fact that we were traveling north and the water was on my left, it was mesmerizing to watch the waves.


Last day in San Francisco. Quincy showed us his rowing club (He was on the crew team at Dartmouth and refused to give it up) and I met someone whose brother went to W&L. She also had an uncle who was a professor too!

However, once we picked up my brothers it was a little squished in the car. As the youngest and shortest in the family, I’ve always been the one to sit in the middle seat or in the way back of cars. But at 21 years of age I’m definitely not as small as I once was. **Insert sassy comment from Coach or a teammate: “Dubs, you were never small.”** Which of course, is true. But compared to the rest of the family, I’m still the smallest and most flexible. In the end I claimed the unfolded seat in the third row of the rental car (basically the trunk) with all the luggage. Needless to say, I was always glad to reach our destination. But it was definitely worth it. With two brothers introducing themselves to strangers by saying they live in San Francisco and New York, the five of us aren’t together as often as we used to be when we were all in school.


The siblings: Darbs, Dubs, and Darby

Of course, it wouldn’t be break if I didn’t stop by Savannah to see the animals. Nothing beats coming home from school and being attacked with slobbery kisses from a seven year old yellow lab puppy. I also got a surprised meow and a lot of purring from the cat—although the meow probably came from the fact that I found her in my closet, and she knows she’s not supposed to be in there. Spending a few days at home before going back to school for spring term is the perfect end to a very relaxing spring break.

With the weather finally warming up and the flowers beginning to bloom, I’m so excited for spring term. Last year I studied abroad in Paris. I had a blast running around the city with Kenzie, but I’m super excited to be back in Lexington. I’m taking a history class on Southern culture which should be really interesting. The professor teaching the class is visiting from UGA and I’m hoping to befriend him with a shared love of the peach state. Open gyms will also start again, and the team will host our annual 4v4 tournament to raise money for our program! It’s always a busy four weeks, but a ton of fun.


Until next time!


Finals Week is finally here…

The days of free coop coffee and endless hours in Leyburn have finally arrived.  After a fun filled winter semester crunch time is finally here.  A few of my favorite moment’s have include bonding with my new PC, Mountain Weekend, Spring season in the gym, and darties at Hooverville. The anticipation for spring term is real.

Also the countdown to Spring Break has begun! All freshman will be heading down to Fort Morgan, Gulf shores and staying in houses with their pledge classes.  I will be heading home for 2 days to see my family, then spending the night in Atlanta with my friend Clara before we make it down to the beach. I cannot wait!

The final push through exams will be tough but worth it!!

xoxo, milldawg

Fancy Dress and Accounting… YAY!

Wow it feels like it has been forever since I have written one of these.  Lots of things have happened in the life of Elly Cosgrove and Generals Volleyball since I last posted!  First update: this semester I found out that accounting is really not my thing.  I would like to emphasize the REALLY NOT MY THING part.  But that’s okay!!!  Yay accounting!

Moving on… Fancy Dress was this past weekend!!!  Saturday was such a fun night.  I first attended a pre-Fancy Dress gathering at Beta with my fellow volleyball players Elena West and Meg Guignon and had a fabulous time.  The actual theme of Fancy Dress was “Party on the Moon”.  Just so everyone knows, Meg Guignon is easily the best dancer of all time.

Until next time!

Elly Cosgrove

Pups and Spring

Hello everyone on the internet!

Mid-March is always a wild time for us here. There’s events like Fancy Dress, papers to write, and the best of all, SPRING SEASON! We’re about halfway through Spring Season which is sad, but it’s been a great two weeks. The energy in the gym has been phenomenal and it’s really clear to see the drive and intent behind team’s actions in the gym. I’ve been especially super impressed with our freshman, who are currently the only three pins, and their mentality. All three of them have really stepped into their own, and it makes me super super hype for the fall season!!

Today, we went to the Rockbridge SPCA to help out and volunteer as team. We met the sweetest pups who were really into bath time. I am, in typical VKaz fashion, attaching many pup pics.

That’s all for now,



Meggles and Milli washing some pups (Shoutout to Meg who’s afraid of dogs)


Picture taken as Slick decided to shake the water off of his body


Ross, the sweetest pup of the day

Feb Break

Feb Break always comes at the right time every year. After midterms, workouts, and homework, its nice to finally kick back and relax. Its the perfect week for nursing sore muscles back to life and catching up on some homework. I have been enjoying my time at home with my family and pets but am more than ready to get back to school. There are so many fun things happening in the coming weeks including SPRING SEASON. Spring season is always so fun because its a time to improve but also just enjoy the game and team. We do a lot of team related activities and work on building positive relationships throughout the  community at W&L. Last year, we scrimmaged the football team which was interesting to say the least. After numerous hits to the face and some harmless trash talk, the football team finally accepted their defeat. I’m really looking forward to the warm weather and returning to the Warner Center for spring practice.


Good to Feel Sore Again!

Hello Everybody!!

After what seems like an eternity of not being able to condition (due to a concussion and an annoying case of mono) I am finally able to work out again! I have never in my life felt so happy to be sore. Although it was a joy to watch my teammates become so much stronger in this offseason I am SO EXCITED that I can finally participate. Although I haven’t played in a while being able to play during open gyms is a BLESSING.

Along with being able to workout again we are in the midst of winter term. This semester I am taking many classes I would never usually take. For example my Intro to Film class is my favorite class so far and I never knew that I would like it so much! Also, my Art History class is challenging but I am enjoying it more than i thought I would. So far the semester is going great!


Megglez (still unsure how i feel about this nickname @milldog)


A picture of me right after I conditioned for the first time


3 Goofballs


Just a couple of lovely ladies I know:)

Greetings from Copenhagen

Hello friends and family! I am so excited to update you all on my trip to Copenhagen! For those who don’t know, I am studying abroad for the semester in Copenhagen, Denmark, which is near Sweden and Germany.  I have been here for 2 weeks, although I just started classes last Thursday.

I live in an apartment with all DIS students (people in the same program as me) and my roommates are pretty awesome! We have been exploring the city together and eating all the food we can find, although we are still on the hunt for a good delivery pizza place. I am extremely lucky that there is a gym right across the street to do our volleyball workouts. One of my roommates also plays soccer, so it has been awesome to have a workout friend!

Everyone in Copenhagen speaks Danish (and fluent English) and all the signs and products are in Danish, so grocery stores and gym were a problem at the beginning.  My friends and I wanted to buy soda and ended up accidentally getting some juice concentrate instead.  Needless to say, it tasted disgusting. The gym locker rooms are also in Danish, so trying to figure one where I should change was also a bit of a challenge.

Here are some touristy pictures I’ve taken!


This is Nyhavn aka the colorful houses of Copenhagen.  It is a very pretty view and a huge tourist attraction, so obviously I had to visit during my first week there.


This is called Rosenborg Castle. It is a beautiful landmark in the center of Copenhagen. The gardens are often filled with people in the warmer months. We stopped by here on a scavenger hunt that our program set up for us.  I believe that day was the coldest I have ever been. Even the Danes said they considered it to be cold.


I have a visiting host family that I meet up with once a month to hang out and get to know more about Danish culture. They have a younger son and daughter and a dog. They made me a strawberry crumble cake, then we went on a walk to explore the area. This is the beach right behind their house. Afterwards they made me a lovely traditional Danish meal.


This is the glass market, which is a beautiful building that has vendors selling local goods, from meats and cheeses to wines and oils.  They also have vendors that sell food for lunch.  That is where I got my smorrebrod.


These are smorrebrod, which are open faced sandwiches. They are very popular in Denmark. I forgot to take a picture of the one I bought – I was too hungry.


On Wednesday my art class went on a field trip to the botanical gardens. It was gorgeous and I was happy to see some greenery after mostly grey clouds and snow.


This is a classic Danish hotdog.  It has ketchup, mustard, a danish sauce, pickles, fried onions, and obviously sausage.  It has been by far my favorite thing! I’ve already had two in the last week.

I miss all of you and hope you guys are having an amazing semester!







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