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The Girls are Back in Town!

The day we have all been waiting for since the end of November finally came!!! We are four days into preseason and life could not be more tiring or exciting. While I still can’t believe that I’m already a junior in college, it’s been great being back in Lexington. I studied abroad during Spring Term (I went to Paris for a history class while Kenzie took a photography class there too!), so I hadn’t seen most of my teammates since April. I really missed these weirdos.

The first few days of preseason have been amazing. We’ve had five full team practices, six ice baths, one pool workout, and countless amounts of PB trail mix. It’s been great hearing about everyone’s summers and reminiscing about previous years and inside jokes. We’re super busy, but our first game is in 10 days! Everyone is working hard to be ready. Our three new freshmen are doing an amazing job learning our system.

Today we had the day off, but even though we didn’t get out the ball carts, we still had a full day of meetings and recovery. Tomorrow we get back in the gym for a scrimmage. While coach can always come up with creative games and different ways of scoring, playing a regular six on six game is always a lot of fun. The only surprise tomorrow will be what our team names will be. But whether it’s Gryffindor vs. Slytherin or Grass-fed Cows vs. Free-range Chickens (not kidding, it’s happened), I’m sure the games will be very competitive.

Go Generals!


(the Ellie count on the team is up to three now…)


Club Cheatin in Paris (because we had to)

NYC Summer

Hey everyone!

So this summer has certainly been one to remember! I spent the entire summer living in New York City and interning as an investment banker at Deutsche Bank. I was in the real estate, gaming, leisure, and lodging group and could not have asked for a better experience. Although I worked many many hours, I loved the people I was working with. To top off the end of the summer, I got a return offer which I could not be more excited about!

Here are two pictures taken from a pier located near my apartment:
photo 5

photo 4

This picture was taken on the floor of the NYSE, where DB had the farewell event for the interns:
photo 1

My last day of work was Friday, I came home to Philadelphia today, and I am off to Lexington tomorrow! After sitting in a cubicle all day for the past 10 weeks, I CANNOT wait to get back in the gym!!!!!! Preseason is one of my favorite times of the year–we get to play volleyball without worrying about any school work..what else could you ask for?!


As Summer Comes to an End

Hi Everyone!!

Hope you all have had amazing summers so far!! I can’t wait to be back in Lexington in just ONE WEEK!!!!!!! I know all of us are BEYOND excited and anxious to be back with the team and spend literally every day together!! I just cannot wait for it to start!! Lucky for me I have already gotten to have a mini reunion with some of my teammates this summer! A couple weeks ago my Mom and I went up to Lexington to move my stuff into my new house and coincidentally, our Recruit Camp was the same weekend! So I got to meet our new freshman, see Coach and Taylor, and see some of my teammates :) Even though I could only be there for a day it was so fun!! I was blown away by all of the talent and really enjoyed spending time with all the recruits! Both Coach and especially Taylor (who worked so hard!!) did an awesome job setting everything up!!  I have attached some of the photos from the weekend. Since my trip to Lexington I have been hanging out back home in FL soaking up all the sun that I possibly can before coming back! Since my job ended right before my trip I have been able to take a few little weekend trips with friends and family. Two weeks ago I spent the weekend in NYC and it was a total blast!! But my fav trip this summer was the one to my beach house for the 4th of July. We always bring our best family friends and have a really fun time. Also this past weekend my boyfriend and I ran our first 5K and it was SOOOO fun!! It was this water obstacle course thing with these huge bouncy house water slides and one was even up to 72 feet high!! It has truly been a great summer and I cannot wait to get back to Lex and start playing again!! GOOOOO GENERALS!!



IMG_7042 IMG_7190 IMG_7099IMG_7390 IMG_7397IMG_7372 IMG_7514 IMG_6951 IMG_8605 IMG_8852 IMG_6603 IMG_1642


*Insert cliche Miami quote here*

Hello pals!

After spending this past semester abroad in Scotland, I am now interning in about the most opposite city I could possibly choose: Miami. I’m interning at FIU’s Summer Treatment Program for children with behavioral disorders and more specifically, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and Conduct Disorder. This program, run by Dr. William Pelham, is the leading research center for ADHD and I am so blessed to be able to work for him and gain experience with these children since this is the area of research I am interested in continuing long term. As a counselor, we are basically administering behavioral modification treatment to the children and, as part of the study that is being conducted, their medication is altered daily which makes each day exciting to say the least. Day to day, we are with the children all day and take them through various activities which consists of 2 class periods, an art class, and 2 sports games. To prepare for the internship, we had to memorize a 400 page manual of all the rules the children have to follow and definitions of behaviors that we track for each child. To say the least, it has easily been the most challenging and exhausting job I have ever had. I absolutely love all of my children (and obvi have my favorites) but they are such a handful and I have gained an entire new outlook on ADHD as a disorder and the deficits that these children face.

One of my favorites parts about the internship though is that it is based right in Miami! Even though I’m from Orlando, Miami isn’t a place that I visit often so living down here for 2 months has been such a fun time! There’s so much to do every weekend; the beaches are beautiful, and The Keys are only an hour away! However, it is a lot different than I expected and is never a place I would want to live full time. But it is definitely a summer I will remember and I have made pals that I will for sure keep in touch with long term! Look below for some pics of me and the crew*~*~* MORE IMPORTANTLY: T-Minus 19 days until I’m back in Lex for preseason aka the happiest place and the happiest time of year!!


Peace n’ luv n’ GO GENNIES

Anna #14


Hi y’all!

As this is also my first blog post ever I feel as though I should introduce myself as well! My name is Miller Townes and I am from Greensboro, North Carolina.  I went to Page High School and couldn’t be more excited to head up to W&L in just a few short weeks. I have no idea what I intend to major in but would like to possibly double major with Spanish and something else.

This summer I am working at the pool being the manager and head lifeguard and spend the majority of my time there when I am in town.  It is a lot of fun but at times can be crazy (luckily we have only had to call EMS one time this year).  On Sunday night I also just returned from a family trip to Istanbul, Turkey and Tbilisi, Georgia.  My cousin, Will, lives in the Republic of Georgia and was getting married this past week.

We began our trip by flying from Charlotte to JFk and then to Istanbul where we stayed for 4 days visiting the city and taking a lot of tours and what not. After that we flew from Istanbul to Tbilisi and stayed there for another 4 days, meeting Will’s fiancés family and eating A LOT of Georgian food (my new favorite cuisine).  The language barrier did not serve as too large of a problem and it was a very cool experience.  Also I travelled with my entire extended family which made the trip quite eventful and also allowed us all a few good laughs.

I have included some photos from my trip! Can’t wait to see y’all soon!




Finding my Inner Child

Hi Friends!

So I don’t exactly have stories of exciting trips or internships to share with you; I’m a nanny this summer, so five days a week my time is taken up by a 7-year-old boy, Zachary. He’s pretty great, and we’ve been keeping busy with a ton of fun activities. Today we went to a trampoline park, floor to ceiling trampolines in a huge warehouse, and I totally ate it while trying a front flip. I discovered that small children are mean when you face plant. But I’ve really spending these last four weeks going to the pool, the park, fishing, and watching too many animated movies. Zachary has given me an excuse to do a ton of things I wouldn’t do on my own, and I think I enjoy our days almost more than he does!

Besides working, I’ve been doing pretty typical summer things – seeing friends, bonfires and spending an embarrassing amount of time with my mom. And of course, I’ve been working hard in the gym with out summer workouts. Word of advice to any future Generals out there – join a women’s gym. Best decision I ever made. While my teammates deal with sweaty dude bros, obnoxious guys that think they know better form than us (they don’t, Bry Sny teaches us well), and other people that hog the racks and weight machines, the women in my gym are too amazed I Olympic lift at all to approach me, and the weight racks are always free. It’s truly a beautiful thing.




P.S. I’m leaving you with a video from the team group chat which we all laughed at, and can relate to just a bit too well. (Hunter-Gatherers are the worst!)



Greetings from the mitten!

I have unfortunately gotten back to my summer job after an awesome weekend in Chicago! Petey, Cudi, and I made the voyage to Huntley, Illinois last weekend to go visit Vicky and catch up after what seemed like centuries apart (especially for myself since I was abroad all spring term). I got there on Thursday night and was immediately met with a large plate of food, which became the norm for the weekend. Petey met us later that night and we all paled around until Cudi got there Friday afternoon. Friday night we met up with more W&L friends in the Chicago area and enjoyed a night of board games and laughs. Saturday, as requested by Petey, we ventured to downtown Chicago where we went to Millennium Park and The Bean, where we of course took lots of selfies. It was also Vicky’s hometown best friend’s, Emily, birthday while we were there! So she took us to a place she had been wanting to try called Firecakes where they had a donut cut in half and put ice cream and hot fudge in the middle. If you have not experienced such a treat you need to get to Chicago ASAP because it was out of this world. Although it was sad to say goodbye Sunday, it just makes me more excited to be reunited with everyone EXACTLY 7 WEEKS FROM TODAY!!! Preseason cannot come soon enough!

Pce, luv, vball,

Da Truth aka Kenzie Shand

PS Here is a link to our team composition that our awesome assistant Coach Taylor put together containing blurbs highlighting why different members of the team chose W&L! SO CHECK IT OUTTTTTTT!!


Here are some fun pictures we took while we were in ChiTown!


Our group selfie in the bean, complete with the geotag from snapchat


From left to right- Cudi, Vicky, Emily (birthday girl!), Petey, moi


The Bean amongst the buildings that make up ChiTown


~*~*self explanatory*~*~


Had to snag a pic of Michigan Ave since I live on Michigan Ave in Michigan


This is a triptych of me attempting to interact with a child at Millennium Park and him running away as fast as possible.


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