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Happy Father’s Day and Happy Summer!

Hello and Happy Father’s Day to everyone reading this, but especially to the dads! Shout out to my awesome dad who is my biggest supporter 🙂 My name is Courtney Berry and I’m one of six freshmen who will be coming to W&L in the fall. I’m a middle hitter from Charlottesville, VA, so not too far from Lexington, and I’m so excited to be a General!

Since not a lot is happening in regards to practices or games, I’ve decided to update you all on my summer so you can get to know me better! For the past two weeks and until the end of June I am nannying for my neighbors 10 hours a day — it’s a lot! There are three girls, 1, 4, and 7 years old, and I have changed more diapers in the past two weeks than I have in my entire life. They’re pretty darn cute and we’ve had some fun adventures including the playground and peach picking.

On the weekends I’ve been chilling with friends at Smith Mountain Lake, listening to country music, and doing some reading. I have been reading The Art of Mental Training, which is a book that the whole team is reading together to improve our mental toughness on the court. It has definitely been an interesting read so far and I hope to put the mental skills to use this fall! Otherwise my time has been spent hanging out with friends and working out. We have a workout program that Coach gave us to do over the summer, and it has felt great to work hard to get stronger! I’ve been playing sand volleyball with friends, as well as binge watching the Bachelorette, my guilty pleasure.IMG_2550

During the month of July I will be counseling at camp for a month and then off to W&L for preseason! I can’t wait! Have a great rest of your Father’s Day!

Courtney Berry, #20

104 Days of Summer Vacation

Greetings from Bristow!

Ash cash Meade here, and I would like to start off this hype yet equally informative blog post by first explaining the title. I’m fairly certain that we don’t actually have “104 Days of  Summer Vacation” but how could I not write a summer blog post without referencing one of the best Disney shows of all time, Phineas and Ferb. I would like to think that Phineas and Ferb is a prime example of the excitement I have/will encounter ever day this summer, but alas I digress.

Now for some substance. We just got out of school a few weeks ago, and let me tell you I am loving it! This week was our first week of our summer workout packet and I can’t wait to get back in the gym and reap the rewards! We are going to be so buff (well even more buff that is)! Besides our workouts I have been keeping busy with reading. Your very own Anna Soroka (aka Annerz) and I are in a few “book clubs” together. But for the most part the majority of my summer thus far has consisted of…. drum role please…. lifeguarding!

I know, I know exciting right!? No but actually I really do enjoy my job. I have some fantastic coworkers, and I even got promoted to assistant manager this year (I’m really moving up in the world) ! Now I’m sure at this point one of two questions has popped through your mind.


  1. Wow, I wonder what the typical work day looks like for Ashleigh?


2.  Are Ashleigh’s coworkers actually fantastic?

Great question! I would like to give you guys some exclusive guard room (that’s right we have our own room) photos that I think you will find will answer these questions, and questions you didn’t even know you had! Below you will find images of my manager Suzanne. I was lucky enough to find these pictures on my phone after coming down from the stand. I feel that these pictures truly demonstrate the day in the life of the average lifeguard.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Suzanne is demonstrating what we lifeguards like to call the four fundamental Seas (What?? no I didn’t just make that up). We must at all times be Calm, Cool, Concerned, and of course we can’t forget Clean! Please enjoy!

Hope all of you blogollowers (blog followers, trying to spread this term) have a fantastic summer consisting of lots of fun in the sun! Just remember don’t forget to wear sunscreen, and always wait fifteen minutes after eating before you start swimming!

Preseason can’t come fast enough!

-Ashleigh Meade #15



Summer Lovin’

Hey y’all!

Kaitlyn here, writing the latest blog post from Greensboro, North Carolina (and missing Lexington like crazy). This past week was finals for everyone which ranged from making a poster for a library session to a paper on why Atticus Finch is a DILF( seriously, that was one of my swimmer friends’ final paper). School is out and most everyone is back home now. We have a week off before Memorial Day and then we start our summer training ,which will be super hype.

I am off to New Jersey with my freshman roommate for Memorial Day weekend, then I get back and head off to Costa Rica! I have an internship there for the month of June and will be working with the Volleyball Special Olympics. I can’t wait!!!


HAGS, love and please enjoy the below picture during season where K-Rem literally just said to do something crazy.

Kaitlyn, #14, Sophomore middle18557500_1723869094578325_8787216143832192349_n

Spring has Sprung

I can’t believe it is already the third week of Spring Term! I am halfway done with the last semester of my freshman year, and it is definitely bittersweet. It will be great to go home for the summer for some relaxation, a little working, and a lot of working out. However, this school year was arguably my favorite so far because of my amazing friends and all the wonderful new experiences. I’m currently taking a class all about Crime Scene Investigations with fellow gennies Allison and Greer, and it is incredibly interesting. The class was split into groups, and each received our own scene to survey. Lucky for me, I have the intelligent Allison Webb in my group! We’re doing all sorts of tests from fingerprinting to DNA testing to figure out who was at the scene and what exactly happened. I highly recommend this class for two reasons. 1) It gets the lab science credit out of the way for those of us not wanting to take physics, chemistry, or some other lab and 2) it is my only academic focus for this semester, giving me more time to learn some of the more difficult concepts. Overall, I’m very happy I’m taking it!

We’re currently in major training mode with lifts three times a week, conditioning twice a week, and open gyms twice a week. Spring term is often referred to as the “best term,” and that is definitely proving to be true for me! Very busy, but all worth it.

The next time I write a post, I will be a sophomore!!! So crazy!!!! Freshman year flew by and if I could do it all over again I totally would!!

Signing off for the last time as a freshman,

Mollie Ray #13

Allie Case and I after the infamous burpee ladder


We learned how to dust to find invisible fingerprints left behind. These beauts are mine!!


Spring is here!!!

Hi Friends,

I just got back from Spring Break which I spent at home with my family in sunny Southern California. I spent my time relaxing at home, visiting with family, volunteering at the preschool my mom works at and playing with the cutest three and four year olds, and practicing with my sister’s club volleyball team. I was definitely not prepared for the rain once I landed in Virginia after hanging in the hot weather in California, but it was awesome to come back to see spring in action with so much green on the trees and all of the flowers starting to bloom (a season that California tends to skip).

Spring Term is just about here and I can’t wait to start my class. I am taking the CSI class with Mollie and Greer! I am hoping it will be a nice change to only focus on one class. We are also starting open gyms and workouts again which is very exciting. I am also looking forward to going on a couple of hikes and exploring Lexington a little more now that I will have a more free time.

-Allison #12

Spring term!!!

As spring break comes to a close this weekend I am eagerly awaiting getting back to school to start my second go round of spring term.  During spring term at W&L we all take one class for four weeks to really focus in and investigate one particular topic.  This year I will be taking fundamentals of mathematics which will be a credit towards my major.  Although this math class doesn’t sound super entertaining, do not fret I will also be fulfilling one of my two PE requirements on the links in golf.

We wrapped up a great spring season before exams which demonstrated growth by all members of the team and and even greater look at our potential.  During spring term we will continue lifting 3 times a week, conditioning 2 times a week, and having option gyms  2 times a week.  I know we all can’t wait to be back in the gym.



Spring Season and Fancy Things


I am PUMPED because I have some very exciting things to share!  First of all, it is my favorite time of year: SPRING SEASON!  During Spring Season, we only get a limited number of practices with Coach and Tay.  However, the improvement over the course of Spring Season is huge.  Not only are we able to focus on our skills, but the team’s strength and speed increases due to the lifts and conditioning that coach is able to implement.  During our fall season, we aren’t able to push our bodies as hard with conditioning because we want to save what strength and energy we have for games.  Since we don’t have games during this time of year… you know what that means:)  But really it has been great.  Lot’s of improvement both on the court and in the weight room (shout out to my amazing lifting and conditioning buddy Greer Gordon).

It was also Fancy Dress this past weekend!  Such a fun night.  For those of you who aren’t very familiar with Fancy Dress, it is a tradition that was started in 1907.  Basically, it is prom in college.  Ladies wear beautiful dresses and the gentlemen wear tuxedos.  The theme this year was Studio 54 and the live band was fantastic (fortunate for me because I love to dance).  Some of the team even got a picture together (disregard our sweaty faces it was hot).

Other exciting news: we have our annual scrimmage against the football team tonight.  Hopefully we don’t embarrass them as badly as last year.  They have been talking some MAJOR smack.


Follow our Instagram and Facebook pages too!  Players have been posted about periodically throughout Spring Season.  Give it a read and tell us what you think!

Insta: generalsvb     Facebook: Washington and Lee University Women’s Volleyball

Elly Out!  Please look at my pictures below!


FD 3

This is supposed to be me, Meg and Miller… However the lighting did not do us any favors.


Meg and I’s Instagram post!  Go check it out to see some interesting facts about us.  

FD 2

Squad pic at Fancy Dress.


This gem of a picture of me, Anna and Greer.  Don’t know why I decided to make this face over and over again throughout the night (see previous picture).