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Starting off Strong

Hi Everyone! Mollie Ray here! I’m super excited to be writing my first blog post to tell you about the first few weeks of classes and the volleyball season this far. I’m taking Economics 101, Writing 101, Environmental Studies, and Intro to Poverty. Poverty and Writing class are so different than any class I’ve ever taken before and I love it. We sit around a conference table and discuss the reading we did for class, where everyone’s input matters. All of the professors are so great! In high school we had 7 classes every day, so having a 4 class schedule is new and exciting.
Now on to the more important things: volleyball. This season is off to an unbelievable start with an impressive record of 12-1. We’ve traveled as far as Rome, Georgia (8 hours each way) and the bus rides are almost as fun as the games themselves. We play games and watch movies and its a great bonding experience. However, whenever we have long bus rides the issue of food comes up. Which is better, Chipotle, Panera, or Sheetz? The answer: never Sheetz, even though Coach will tell you differently. But in all seriousness, being on the team has made the transition into college a great one, and I practically have 9 older sisters helping me figure everything out. I can’t wait see how the rest of the season pans out, hopefully  with many many wins!
Here are a few pictures from the first few weeks!
Until next time,
Mollie Ray #13

FullSizeRender 6.jpg

My great view from the back of the bus. Everyone working on homework on the way to play Averett.

IMG_7440.JPGMy new favorite place to study is the laundry room. It’s nice and quiet with comfortable seating. What more could you ask for?

LaceUp for Pediatric Cancer

Hello WLUVB blog readers.

This Wednesday our team will be playing Shenandoah College at home. This is a special game, because not only is it a conference match, but it is also our LaceUp for Pediatric Cancer game. The Go4theGoal Foundation helps children who are battling pediatric cancer.

At the game, both teams will be wearing gold laces in honor of the cause. We have also made a donation page to raise money for the foundation that can be found below.


Thanks for reading our blog, and thank you in advance for your support!

Gennies Off to a Solid Start

Hi everyone! My name is Allison Webb and I am a freshman from Thousand Oaks, California. Last weekend was our team’s first tournament at Berry College in Georgia and we went 3-1!!! During our 8-hour bus ride there and back, we spent our time watching movies, such as Remember the Titans, and playing games, like Empire. I am very proud of how the team performed for our first tournament and of how much we have improved since the beginning of preseason!! While in Rome, Georgia, we were able to explore the town before playing in our first match of the season.

As soon as we got back from Georgia, freshman orientation began which was filled with hall activities, registration for classes, and information sessions. My schedule was jammed packed between orientation activities, meals, and volleyball practices and lifts. On Friday, I went to my first college classes and it was the first day of the W&L Invitational. Despite the heat, we won all of our matches at the invitational!


All 7 Freshman at the Berry College Tournament.


The team also went to support the Women’s Soccer team during their match against Birmingham Southern.


Greetings blogosphere,

I write to you in the midst of an exciting volleyball preseason here at Washington and Lee.  We have been having an awesome time both on and off the court with the team!  Yesterday we participated in our annual Blue vs White scrimmage where we are placed into teams and play a match-like game coached by the talented Taylor Gibson and a surprise return from one of our favorite grad students, Christina Kamis.  While the White team got the W in an 3-0 victory it was a competitive atmosphere for all.  We concluded the evening with a team dinner at Salerno’s and ice cream at Sweet Things.

We also have been working hard to maintain our team culture and positive relationships with others around campus.  Many volleyballers attended the men’s soccer scrimmage yesterday and we have also been hanging out with other athletes friends from football, field hockey, and cross country.  After having many discussions about the pyramid of team values on which we base our program we have decided to reconstruct our physical representation of this for our locker room.

Below is a photo of our lovely new frosh working hard on sketching our their blocks.

We will continue to work hard in preseason as we leave for our first match at Berry this coming Friday! Can’t wait for a stellar season ahead!


MilldawgFullSizeRender 2 copy

Summer Shenanigans

Long time no talk Blog Fans!

Elly Cosgrove here sharing my endeavors from this past summer.  It was definitely an exciting one that I can’t wait to share with you all!  This summer I nannied and coached beach volleyball.  Coaching was definitely an interesting experience… I had the lovely opportunity of coaching players (ages 10-13) who had just begun the beautiful sport.  We had our good and bad days, but definitely an overall rewarding experience.  Not only did I coach beach volleyball, but I played my fair share as well (hopefully I can shake the sand out of my sets in time for season…).  I played in an adult tournament at the beginning of summer with my partner who plays at UNCW and we ended up winning our division.  Unfortunately, I was not able to receive the prize money due to NCAA rules (darn).

My family and I also went to the Bahamas this summer!  That trip marked my first trip down there and it was gorgeous!  We cruised around the Abacos in a boat belonging to some family friends of ours.   They introduced us to spear fishing and I had the time of my life.  I never actually caught a fish with my spear, but I definitely punctured a lot of fish due to my lack of experience.  The only problem that I had with the whole spear fishing endeavor was the sharks.  About five minutes after every hit on a fish, a shark would appear (reef sharks and nurse sharks mostly).  We were face-to-face with a 10-foot nurse shark at one point.  For anyone who knows me knows that my all time biggest fear happens to be sharks (convenient).  So, that definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone, but it was so worth it.

Towards the end of the summer, I also went to Southern California to visit some family friends.  I visited San Diego and Temecula and had an absolute blast.  Not sure if I like the west coast as much as the east coast, but I would still 100% recommend a trip out to the beautiful coast of SoCal.

I am truly thankful for the time I’ve been able to spend home, but I CANNOT WAIT to return to campus for preseason.  Wow.  Our first practice is in less than a week.  Can anyone say #PUMPED.

Until Next Time Blog Readers,

Elward (Number 8)


Did you actually go to the Bahamas without a Bahamas collage?


Nick and I in SOCAL!  This is at Torrey Pines.


Brought my brother out for a little coed tournament.  He’s a natural.


My partner Courtney Mullinax and I after our big win!  We were at the tournament facility from 9am-9pm… It was an extremely long day.

Summer ’16 – Drake

Hello world,

There are less than 20 days until I am back in Lex, and let me tell you guys I am counting down. Being at home has been great, though. I’ve done a lot of fun things and spent a lot of quality time with my best friend Emily. Also, I’ve gotten endless snuggles from my pup and kitty. I spent a week in Memphis and ate a lot of good food. So it hasn’t been too bad! Also, I went to two weddings this summer!! I LOVE WEDDINGS THEY ARE SUCH HAPPY TIMES! But I am definitely more than ready to resume life at W&L and ball out with my teammates and get to know our seven new freshman!!! Very exciting stuff!

This summer I have been extremely lucky to intern at the Circuit Court of Chicago’s county in the Social Service Department. I have seen so many crazy things in the office and in court, and I’ve learned so so much about the legal system as a whole. This experience has definitely assured me that law school is the right the next step for me.

I also went skydiving this summer, which was WILD. Definitely more of a rush than you can ever imagine. 10/10 recommend to all those who enjoy adrenaline and thrill.

Those are basically the highlights!


Free falling for a minute!


Unfortunately, the Cubs did not win when we went to the game, but it was still a great day for baseball!


LOOK AT THESE DONUTS!! Yes that is a cookie monster donut and it was unreal. Best donuts EVER


This is probably my favorite picture of myself. This is pure fear and panic as you are staring at the ground about to jump at 14,000 feet.

Super super excited to get to back to W&L and all my pals!

Peace out,


5wks til preseason!!

Hey people!! I’m Greer Gordon, and I will be a freshman this year! So far this summer has been full of travel. I started it off with a senior trip to Europe. There was a group of 22 of us that traveled Europe with a teacher from my school. We went to Italy, Switzerland, and Germany. Every place we went to was BEAUTIFUL! Also I probably couldn’t even count how many times we got gelato in Italy. The places were awesome but what made the trip so special was sharing it with all my best friends from high school!

After Europe, we took a family trip to Colorado. It was good to spend some quality time with them, and fun to watch my brother kill it in his lacrosse tournament.

This past weekend we had camp!! It was so fun getting to see everyone and finally meet all my fellow freshman. The camp was so helpful and I learned so much. It made me so much more excited for preseason (which I didn’t think was actually possible)!!

Anyways, I’ll just be “patiently” waiting for 5 weeks until it all starts! Here are some pics from my summer so far– and GO GENNIES!


Trevi fountain


on cloud 9 in Swizterland!!


selfie in Florence


Colorado with the fam


ziplining with my sibs!


2020 crew