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Summer Research In LexVegas

Not sure how this worked out, but my blog post coincided PERFECTLY with the conclusion of my research on campus! I’ve spent the past six weeks at W&L doing engineering and structural health monitoring research in the campus parking garage. And don’t worry, the beams we monitored are perfectly safe in terms of flexural strength and vertical displacement, but if you want the entire 20-minute presentation please feel free to ask me about it anytime because I high-key enjoy talking about it.

Without going into too much detail, my research group spent a lot of time using different gauges on the beams that make up the third floor on the parking garage. We got to wear some really fashionable safety gear (see picture 1), climbed some ladders to glue our gauges to the beams (see picture 2), and I had the personal honor of directing my professor on where to drive her car over the beams (see picture 3). I ended up enjoying this research a whole lot, wayyyyy more than I expected going into it. It was the perfect balance of physical work and data analyzation, and my research group got along really well! Luckily we get to continue it this fall.

In terms of Lexington in the summer, I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun it was! I had the most epic view out of my room from my apartment in third year (see picture 4), the football field was literally outside my door to do conditioning workouts (see my artsy picture 5), and I got to go float the Maury and visit Panther Falls multiple times. AND I even got lunch with Taylor a few times so win-win-win over here.

Although I’m back home right now I CANNOT WAIT for next weekend because CAMP!!!!!! AND THEN PRESEASON VERY SOON I CAN’T WAIT. Only slightly hype if you couldn’t tell.

Thanks for reading!!!!!! -Anna #5




I have never been this excited for school to start

Hey everyone!

First incoming frosh here!! My name is Val and I am from Draper, Utah (which is about 20 mins outside of Salt Lake and just a couple hours from some of Utah’s finest national parks).  

This summer, besides working out (of course), I have two jobs.  I work at a dog kennel where I get to play with dogs! They are all so cute (peep picture below).  I also have started working at a fancy restaurant as a hostess/busser where all of the kitchen staff speak Spanish and talk about me and laugh and it drives me crazy but it makes the job fun!

In July, aside from camp (which I am so freaking excited for I can’t write too much about it or it’ll just be me saying how excited I am over and over), we are taking a family vacation to Alaska and will probably get to hike a lot and see a glacier but other than that, I’m not really sure what we’re going to do.

Other than that scattered intro, I am SUPER excited for camp and then preseason and I feel like summer is going waaay too slow!!!  Normally, I feel like summer is too short but this year, I absolutely cannot wait to move across the country and start my adventure in Lex Vegas!!


Family at wedding in NJ this past weekend!


“Hobart” –  goldendoodle


Bryce Canyon National Park


Me & some friends at graduation!!

Catch y’all later,

Valerie Sokolow #4


meg is cool

What’s up blog world!?!?! It’s Meg Guignon here reporting live from St. Louis, MO where I will be for the whole summer! (HI ALLIE!!!) I just got back from a spring term abroad trip to Scotland! It was a class that explored the history of Scotland through theatre. And I had an ABSOLUTE BLAST. We visited Edinburgh, Glasgow, and the highlands!! We apparently had the best weather that Scotland had seen in months so we were really lucky!

After my class a couple friends and I went to Ireland the following week! It was so much fun and I’m so grateful for the awesome experience and memories. I am very sad that my trip is over but I am super excited to be back in my hometown for the summer! All of my siblings are home this summer which is kewl. And my main job this summer is taking courses online, nannying 3 little cuties, and CRUSHING volleyball workouts. It’s the beginning of the summer and I already cannot wait to get back to Lexington to start the season!!!!!!!

Until next time! Don’t miss me too much!

– Meg #3



Pictures of good ole Scotland!!! (it’s so beautiful i want to go back immediately)


Two of my kiddos I get to hang out with this summer!

First summer post!

Helllooo blog fans!

Al Case checking in here for the first post of the summer! Woohoo! I guess I should start out with how my second (time flies!!) year at W&L went. I took “Music in Stanley Kubrick Films” as my class for the art credit, and it ended up being super cool. I came into the class with very little knowledge on film or music (typical science nerd) and so the adjustment at first was a little tough. But by Week 2, I could talk about crescendos and a duple meter tempo all day baby!! We watched 2001, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, and Barry Lyndon in the class and then would discuss the music in the film and how it plays a role. Most of all, I’ve enjoyed learning an absurd amount of knowledge about Kubrick. It’ll make for some great trivia help one day, I’m sure! The volleyball team also hosted our annual 4 v 4 tournament, and that was so much fun (peep the pic below).

After tearfully watching our three senior pals graduate the week after classes finished, I headed straight on a plane to St. Louis (HI MEG!) for the summer. I will be an intern at the St. Louis Zoo in the Endocrinology Lab. Essentially, we are the “matchmakers” of the zoo- I’ll be running hormone samples and different types of tests to see which breeding pairs work best together. There will be all sorts of animals tested from around the nation in order to find the best match! I start tomorrow since we have today off. I’m housesitting for a Washington University professor and I’m not gonna lie, the house is….interesting. She has 5 cats and a dog named Wally. Wally is a stray they picked up from India and the 5 cats are all super friendly, so I guess that’s good! Other than Memorial Day, can you guess what today is? THE FIRST DAY OF WORKOUTS PEOPLE!!!!!! This summer Coach has really ramped up our workout program and I’m so excited to be back in the gym. Everyone CRUSHED max lifting, which is where we lift the heaviest amount possible, and it is so fun to be on a team of super swole ladies!! I don’t have a car yet in St. Louis, so catch me taking an Uber to Lifetime. Well, that’s all I got! Enjoy the pics I added below!

-Al Case #2


On the last night of class, our professor set up a candlelit dinner as we watched Kubrick’s period piece, Barry Lyndon.


4v4 Tournament champs hangin with the vball squad!


Anna, Ash, and I holding our beloved senior KV. PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME


This is where the cats hang out- yes it’s the dining room table. The other two cats, yes making it a total of 5 (!) are right by my feet.



Spring & Shenanigans & Sad to Leave Lex

Hi peeps!

This post is gonna have lots of pics because these past 2 weeks have been jam packed with lots of fun stuff so get PUMPED. So as Brynne said, spring term is in full swing and let me tell you it is an amazing time here at W&L. We’ve got some team members studying abroad in wonderful locations all around the globe, and we’ve got the rest of the team here in good ole Lex Vegas. After spring break, one of the first major events was Derby Days which is a philanthropy event for Sigma Chi. While the volleyball team is not allowed to compete in football (shoutout to Elly Cosgrove for her freshman year concussion that inspired this rule), cheering our sororities on was still a blast!

A lot of us have had formals during this spring term as well which have been super super fun!

I should probably talk about my class also just so that my mom knows that I am in fact studying in addition to all this fun we’ve been having here! So I am in a politics class where we read case studies and then write reviews on them. For my final paper I am going to write about Microfinance! Who wouldn’t be excited about Microfinance am I right people? Also as Brynne mentioned, we have lifts, open gyms, and conditioning during spring term. Last week, we had a surprise visit from volleyball alumni, athletic superstar, THE Kenzie Shand! We also had two lovely running workouts on the track to build that essential cardiovascular endurance and got surprised with a water balloon fight from the captains!

This past weekend was filled with lots of darties (that means day parties for all of you parents out there) including KA’s “Old South.” We dress up like old-timey women of the 1800s and I have to say I wish these dresses never went out of style because they are just adorable! The volleyballers also just learned a thrilling new game from the one and only Ashleigh (Cash) Meade that is only slightly dangerous.


All in all, spring term has been such a fun time and I think we are all in denial about leaving Lex so soon! I know all the freshies had an amazing first year and are so excited for the memories we will make during the rest of our time here!


Signing off,

Leah Green #1

Welcome to Spring Term!

Hello everyone! Brynne here.

Spring break is over and spring term is in full swing! For spring break all the first years went to Gulf Shores, Alabama. Unfortunately, I got the stomach bug, so I was bedridden for the majority of the trip. I absolutely love the beach, so I forced myself out of bed and laid in the sand. Thankfully, I got some pictures before I got sick.

For spring term Kiera and I (both neuroscience majors) are taking the class Psychology of Self-Control. We having been working on our “Humans of Lexington” project where we go into town and ask residents of Lexington what self-control means to them. We are analyzing what non-psychologists think of self-control. So far, spring term has been very relaxed, but I miss all my teammates that are studying abroad.

This past weekend I went to ADPi formal. The first two songs the band played were “Electric Feel” and “September”, so you know it was a good night. After one week of spring term I am looking forward to more warm days and road trips on the weekend.

For anyone wondering what my spring term schedule looks like, I have work from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. everyday, class from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. everyday, open gym on Monday and Thursday, lifts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and conditioning on Tuesday and Thursday. Also, I can’t forget my mandatory daily nap.

Brynne Gould #24

Finals !! woohoo!


It’s finals week!! That means tailbones hurting from too much time in the same chair, randomly falling asleep in the middle of studying with your economics study group and Leah having to throw a folder at you to wake you up (tip: never study on a couch. Couches are for napping tables/desks are for studying) and other shenanigans. Even though I’m a little tired, finals are actually some of the most interesting weeks of the year. It’s funny the things I find myself doing while trying to avoid studying. Today I finally found the gorgeous spot that looks out over the poles while running away from my macroeconomics practice problems! Also, I have done so much cleaning and laundry this week my room is absolutely spotless. Also, the weather this week has kept up with my funny mood, flipping from snow one day to gorgeous and sunny the next, so wild… I LOVE it. Anyways, this week is a time when everyone is stressed so people just are overly nice and considerate all the time because you never know how close someone is to a little breakdown, just as I had today when someone mentioned that they had Kaite Volk’s graduation gown and thinking about Katie graduating brought me slightly to tears in the middle of dhall. In the end though, finals are always followed by something very fun to look forward to like Spring break!! So all you gotta do is take as many power naps as possible and remember to go eat in dhall so you can magically run into the entire volleyball team who will give you a hug without even asking.

Riley Haralson #23