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Peace, Luv, and Lots of Turkey

Hello W&L Volleyball Blog Readers,

Elly Cosgrove here with my second blog post ever.  It is Thanksgiving today (a.k.a. my favorite holiday) and I could not be more happy.  I am currently writing this post by propping my laptop on the food baby I have received through the over-consumption of delicious food.

This Thanksgiving break was the first time I have been home in three months, so I am very happy to be home and with family.  For actual Thanksgiving day, my mom’s side of the family gathered at Bald Head Island for a day of food, family, love, and of course thanks giving.  For our Thanksgiving meal, we had lots of turkey, butter beans, corn, stuffing, cranberry salad, sweet potato casserole, collard greens, and chocolate cake.  Now I have lots of leftovers to bring back to W&L with me (thank you grandma).

This break has been great thus far, but I am looking forward to being back on our beautiful campus at Washington and Lee.

UNIL NEXT TIME!  Over and out.

-Elly Cosgrove

Panthers football, delicious food, and family make for a great Thanksgiving!

It’s Getting Quite Chilly in Lex

Hello Blog Readers!

Unfortunately, much to all of our dismay, season is over. (BRB still crying) There are many positive things to take from the end of season, and also things that we can improve on. I’m already excited to start open gyms to work on some stuff and “ball out with my teammates” some more. (Quote from Kenzie Shand in an actual video interview that can be found on the sports website) I’m really really sad though about the fact that our seniors will be graduating and becoming actual adults and will not be there for me and the other returners next year. I am, however, super hyped about all of our incoming freshman next year! I’m really excited to get to play with some new people and share the knowledge that has been passed down to me by our fabulous seniors.

This past weekend was our Mock Convention Gala, which only happens once every four years. We celebrate the next election, and there are also many other cool events that are a part of the entire Mock Con event that happen throughout the year. For example, I’m a delegate from South Dakota, and I get to make a float in January or February. The Gala was an absolute blast, and it still blows my mind how they can transform our gym that we play in into the amazingness that is Gala or Fancy Dress.

We are headed into Thanksgiving Break. I, for one, am SO EXCITED TO GO SNUGGLE MY DOG AND CAT. I have had major issues this year being away from my animal friends. All I do on the internet is look up dog or cat articles on Buzzfeed….



Kenzie, Elly and I cleaned up for Mock Con Gala


So, this past weekend the Generals VB team traveled down to Atlanta to take on some of the top ranked teams in the nation including the number one, Juniata! On the way home from Atlanta, we enjoyed playing a few competitive games of Empire where Robert E. Lee aka Kasey finished up with an underdog win. In addition, the team showed off what talented singers we are in a game of heads up. Mansie definitely takes the cake for knowing every lyric to any song. It was great competition for us to play some of the best teams right before the ODAC tournament starting this week. Each year, we go over to Coach’s house and have a bonfire with smores, hotdogs, etc. to kick off the start of the ODAC tournament. To quote Kenzie Shand, “I’m really looking forward to balling out with my teammates this week!”




Hello all! This is my first blog post ever so I am very excited (and everyone reading this should be very excited too). I am having a BLAST here at Washington and Lee. Volleyball practices and games are my absolute favorite part of the day because I get to play the best sport ever with the best people ever! This past weekend we played at CNU and my dad completely caught me off guard by flying in and surprising me for the weekend. BEST SURPRISE EVER! How he kept it a surprise I have no clue because he is a very talkative man.

ANYWAYS we have a lot of games coming up this next week and I cannot wait! Tonight we are playing Roanoke!! If there is anything our team loves more than food it is definitely GAME DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Meg #3




My sister Jane and I cheering on some W&L Football when she came to visit!


All the freshman looking pretty!!!


Hello friends and family!

I am writing this post from Newport News because we get to play CNU and Frostburg State today!! As Kenzie would say in a deep manlier voice, ITS GAME DAY! This has become a big sense of amusement for the team and Kasey has started taking GAME DAY videos on snapchat to promote the team. I would recommend checking them out because they are usually obnoxious, hilarious and great team bonding for us.  Yesterday was also a new and interesting experience for the team because we ended up practicing at the University of Virginia (UVA) on our way to CNU.  Our gym is hosting an important dinner for all the top donors at our school, so they kicked us out and coach was awesome enough to find another place for us to practice at. So far my favorite part of the whole weekend has been when Meg’s dad surprised her and showed up to the sandwich shop where we were having dinner.  It was one of the sweetest things I have ever seen and I really wish I had a picture of it!

Although volleyball is currently a large part of my life, i am also in the process of applying for accounting internships at the big 4 accounting firms, which has been a very exciting and interesting experience! I recently went on an office visit to Ernst & Young and go on two more to PriceWaterhouseCoopers and CohnReznick this week.  I am super excited about these amazing opportunities and can’t wait to see what is in store for me!   Juggling the interviews/office visits with volleyball and academics has been a huge challenging this semester, but Coach, Taylor and my teammates have been super crazy supportive of this process and I am incredibly thankful for everyone!!

Time to head to CNU! LETS GO GENERALS!

Cudi (Maddy Cutler)

Snapchat Update and On the Road Again

Hey friends,

It’s crazy to think we’re almost halfway through the season and that September is over! The first month of season, as usual, was great because we got to play at home a ton, win some ODAC matches (undefeated baby!) and get a lot better in the process. However, I’m super excited for October-one of my favorite times of the year is when we start going on our away trips and have lots of quality time on the bus together. October is also a time when we play a lot of really competitive volleyball which is exciting. I’m always grateful for my team this time of year because it’s when school starts to get pretty stressful with midterms and such. It’s awesome to have a group of people who push me to work hard and also encourage/support me when I’m stressed.

The biggest news is probably all the fun we’ve been having with the new snapchat filters. Our team can constantly be seen taking selfies and raising our eyebrows/opening our mouths, even in public places like the library. Here are some of the pictures we have taken during “study sessions” and while waiting for buses.

IMG_0441 IMG_0414 IMG_0443 IMG_0444 IMG_0445

I am off to go present on my summer internship (I worked at an advertising agency called Global Prairie this past summer) as part of class credit for my major, and then I get to crush some positionals with my pin hitter and DS squads. This weekend we take on Mary Washington and ODAC competition Virginia Wesleyan, and we are pumped to get back on the court after a week off and a 4 hour drive to VA Beach! Until next time dudes!



Hello volleyball fans, followers, and friends!

Things have been busy here at W&L these last few weeks! We finally started school back up and everyone is doing a great job of getting back into (or discovering) a routine for the semester. Along with the start of school starts ODAC competition! Last night, we played our first ODAC match of the year. We came out with a W and a lot of information about ourselves that will be awesome to work on in the gym over these next few weeks! This weekend, we get to continue on the ODAC train and hit up Randolph and Lynchburg on Friday and Saturday. The fun part about these away games are that we will have a ton of awesome recruits traveling with us to watch us play and cheer us on! Nothing feels better than having a few great fans rooting for you in an outsiders gym. I can’t wait to get back on the court with my favorite group of people! As everyone knows, game day is my favorite day.

even good old George is excited for game day

even good old George is excited for game day

can you tell I love game day?

can you tell I love game day?

Kenzie “WAKE UP IT’S GAME DAY” Shand


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