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Welcome back to W&L!

Hi everyone!!

I am happy to be the lucky player to welcome you all back to campus!!

I spent the summer at the beach in Avalon, Nj. Although it was great, I was VERY excited to come back to Lex!
Hannah (#22) and I moved into our Woods Creek apartment on the 15th which we are sharing with three other girls. The next day we started preseason festivities which included a lunch with the returners, picking up the freshmen from their dorm rooms, blood pressure testing, and the annual preseason cookout at coach’s house! So far, we have had two days of practices which have consisted of a lot of sweating and a lot of fun. I can already tell we are going to kick butt this season. Also, see my pictures for a look at our new white gear!
Now that preseason has begun we can start the countdown for our first game. Only 12 more days until we head to our Tennessee tournament!!
Until next time 🙂

Carson #7


Less than one week!!!!

Hey Blog-Readers,

SEE YOU SO SOON FOR PRESEASON! I just finished up my summer internship in Northern VA and I’m counting down the days till move in this Thursday! And our first practice is in less than a week so get PUMPED. And I think Allie said this a few posts ago, but I get to live (again) with three of my teammates: Allie, Ash, and Moll!!

This summer I’ve been wading around in wetlands and counting geese, insects, and rare plants. It was one of the best summers I’ve ever had, mostly because I was outside working almost every single day. As a natural resource management intern, I was able to learn a lot about land stewardship and environmental restoration.

But as much as I enjoyed this summer, I’m super excited to get back in the gym and spend my last season with all of my favorite people. Stay tuned for more exciting blog posts in the upcoming weeks!!

Go Gennies!!!!!!!

Anna #5


School is so soon!!

Hello everybody! Val here, extremely excited for preseason in under two weeks! Summer has flown by for me- something I am actually thankful for.

I miss everyone and everything from school so much and have mostly just been working and working out this summer. I have two jobs: one at a dog-boarding facility and the other at a restaurant. The former is easily the most fun job I’ve ever had. Some highlights of this job include hiking a bunch dogs off-leash for about two hours and being surrounded by dogs basically all day.

Aside from all the time I spend working and working out, I have been able to use my limited free-time to enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I had a week off in July where we took a family vacation to Long Beach Island in New Jersey! It was wild having a full week off when I am used to working every day. More recently, my sister and I did one of the most popular hikes in our area – Jacob’s Ladder. It took us a little under 6 hours to do 12 miles and the views were absolutely incredible.

Preseason is coming up fast so it’ll be a full week and a half of work and anticipation until I get to be back with all of my favorite people!

-Val #4

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Hello from Chicago…(ish)

Hey everyone it’s Caroline here checking in! I am super excited to be back on campus. I can’t believe I move in to the dorms in less than three weeks!

My summer has been quite hectic. Despite living only forty miles from Chicago, I’ve only been able to visit the city once this summer for the Cubs game. The first part of my summer was spent at volleyball every day.

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At the end of June I completed my eighth and final season of club volleyball! Less than two weeks after that I flew out to Virginia to go to the W&L camp which was lots of fun.

This past week and a half I was at a lake house in Minnesota. It was so much fun being able to go tubing and knee boarding. I went fishing for the first time and even caught a fish!

Despite having such a busy schedule this summer, it has been really fun. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming season and getting back to W&L!

Caroline Gard #3

hellloooo from SeaWorld!

Hi everyone it is Al Case #2 checking in! I have had a great summer so far. I’m in San Diego, California for an internship at SeaWorld. I work in their reproductive sciences lab, so I’ve been able to analyze samples to help prepare animals for breeding or artificial insemination! It’s been such a great learning experience, and along the way I’ve gotten to do some pretty cool things! First off the one and only Ash Meade visited for my 21st birthday!! I also have been able to go to the beach, visit San Fransisco for a weekend, and most importantly, have eaten tons of good food. I think when I go back to Lex I’m actually going to go through avocado withdrawal (like this is not a joke I’ve eaten at least 1 every other day here). While the west coast sunshine has been treating me well, I miss my peeps!!! Thank goodness preseason is so close- ALSO how hype is it that I get to live with Moll, Ash, and Anna AGAIN?! We are living in a house together (who is surprised) and I’m looking forward to such a great season. NCAA tourney round 2? YOU BETCHA.

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Cheers to a great senior season ahead!

Al #2

summer lovin I’m having a blast (haha)

Hello everyone! This is Leah here reporting live from the sunshine state! I’m working at a local real estate development company that works to build memory care communities and apartment complexes all around Sanford, Florida. However, since I’m working part-time, I’ve gotten to have the summer of my dreams (which basically means when I’m not working I get to sleep until I wake up! A beautiful thing!)

I’ve loved being home with family and friends, going to the beach, and flexing my florida tan at my high school gym during lifts. This past weekend I was able to go up to New York to see family and to catch up with college friends! Life tip I learned: if you haven’t broken in new shoes, do NOT wear them to walk around New York City because let me tell you these blisters are killing me.


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While I’m having a very ~chill and relaxing~ summer, I couldn’t be more hype to get back to Lex and see everyone! That’s all for now, see all you beautiful people so soon!


Leah #1

Taco Tuesday and Camp

Hello to all of the fans!

It is summer time but I am still on campus and I am LOVING IT. At the beginning of the summer I traveled to Barcelona, Spain with Ashleigh Meade. We traveled to many cathedrals, parks, and mountain tops (all by foot of course because we were too stubborn to take the metro). In Barcelona, we treated ourselves to many churros and lots of gelato. Soon after Barcelona I returned to Lexington for research. I am on campus for 10 weeks researching the plasticity of neurons in the gustatory system. We are focusing our research on the taste system in rats. I have learned many valuable tools from my research thus far. I look forward to taking chorda tympani (a nerve that carries taste information from the taste buds to the brain) recordings on live rats in the weeks to come.

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Other than research I have been exploring all of the beauty that Lexington has to offer. Kiera and I have taken trips to Panther Falls and Goshen Pass with some of our wrestling friends. We also found a nice pool in Buena Vista where we spend the majority of our time on the weekends. Arguably one of my favorite parts of the summer has been Taco Tuesday. Every Tuesday, Kiera and I grill out with Matt Muller and make tacos at third year housing. Fish tacos, chicken tacos, beef tacos, you name it.

Does anyone else find it crazy that it is already July 7th?? The summer if flying by, but I am very excited to work our volleyball camp this coming weekend. Camp means I get to be reunited with Anna Soroka (and of course Kiera Borthwick whom I have been living with all summer).

Fun fact: I have attended camp every summer since 2016!

Another fun fact: 39 days until preseason!


Brynne Gould #24