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Getting into the swing of things!

Hi Everyone!!!

We have had a very cold first and second week of school. Yesterday, we woke up to snow which was very exciting! I posted a picture below of the snow covering the tennis courts and sorority row. We also started our off-season lifting and conditioning with our groups as well as open gyms this week which I love because I get to see my awesome teammates almost everyday again!

This winter term I am also taking racquetball for one of my PE requirements with Anna Soroka! Our last PE class was so much fun because we were able to play around with each other and get a feel for the court and racquet. We also threw in some seal dives while playing…volleyball instinct I guess. 🙂

So far my classes are going great, but I am still trying to get in the rhythm of managing my time between classes, lifts, open gyms, and homework. It’s kinda hard to believe that after this semester I will be about halfway done with college!

Hope everyone is staying warm in this cold weather!

Allison #12



Back from Break

As we start off with our first week of classes a lot of important and interesting things are happening at W&L.  Our freshman just finished up official sorority recruitment and are all six part of new sororities on campus.  The W&L women’s volleyball team now has members of five out of six sororities on the team.  This makes for a great social team dynamic!  It is always fun to meet friends of friends from girls on the team in different sororities and allows our teammates to meet an even wider array of other students.

Most importantly as we get back into academics we also get to get back into the gym to get some real work done on the volleyball court.  This week we are max lifting on Monday and Wednesday to get an idea of our off season starting point.  Next week we will start having open gyms, lifts, and conditioning sessions.  Everyone had an excellent winter break and is excited to spend another phenomenal semester at Washington and Lee!

Back Home!

Greetings Blog Readers!

Yesterday I arrived home in Michigan after a 9 hour drive. We have about 8 inches of snow on the ground, and it’s freezing! I finished off finals week, and I’m definitely happy to be home for a few weeks.

Tonight we went out to dinner to an AMAZING Italian restaurant because my older brother turned 21! I’ve only been home for 2 days and we’ve already had a lot of time together as a family. We are decorating our Christmas tree tomorrow and I’m pretty pumped! (below is a pic of the Borthwick fam on their annual trip to get their Christmas tree!)

I’m very ready for the holiday season, but I already miss Lex a little bit (:

Bye for now,

-Kiki #10


Thanksgiving and Christmas Weekend make for an overwhelming finals week

Hello Loyal Blog Readers and Generals Volleyball Fans!

El Cosgrove here to tell you that I should have done more work over Thanksgiving break and Christmas Weekend. This week, (the week before finals) is one filled with late nights, lots of coffee and some quality lib time. Nevertheless, spending time with family over Thanksgiving and friends during the festivities this past weekend was much needed.

Over Thanksgiving break, my family decided to do what we usually do and hop on over to Bald Head Island. Before this, however, I decided it was a good idea to chop off my long locks and rock the short hair look. I have yet to regret the decision, so things are going well!

Christmas Weekend, an annual W&L favorite, was this past weekend. Basically this weekend includes a lot of Christmas-themed gatherings and a Red Square party on Saturday that everyone attends! Throughout the weekend, people break out the ugly Christmas sweaters and festive dresses to welcome the holiday season. Below are some pictures! *Notice the short hair*

Until Next Time!

-El Cosgrove (Flames) #8

End of season and Thanksgiving break

Hey pals,

So we ended our season two weeks ago.. It was a heartbreaking battle against Randolph Macon. We played so well, and came so so close. We lost 14-16 in the 5th set.. It was really sad, but gives us that much more revenge to get back at them next year.


On the academic side of things, the past 2 weeks have been rough. My teachers told us they were being nice by not giving us any work over thanksgiving break, but that also meant that I had something in each class due this past week. Not a huge fan of taking 2 exams and writing an 8 page paper in one week. We also had registration a couple of weeks ago and I’m pumped because I don’t have any early morning classes, and I’m taking 2 business and 2 history classes which is perfect for me!!


Ready for break, but excited to be back at school with all the pals in a week!!!



October Fun

Hello friends!  It’s Anna Soroka here, checking in on the bus ride back from Atlanta, Georgia where we just battled hard against some very competitive teams.  This weekend concludes our regular season schedule, so this coming week is the start of… ODACS!!!!!!!!!!!  I know everyone on the team is super excited to get down to business.

On the academic side of things, you already know I’m going to bring up the great world of engineering with my good pal Ca$h Meade.   We are thriving in our electrical circuits lab and statics class, and I have some pictures below to prove it.  I’ve also included some fun pictures of the sophomore class swagging out at Emory.  Thanks for checking in and can’t wait for Gennies VB to crush it this week!!!!   – Anna #5


Hi All,

We’re midway through October now and season is in full swing! We recently took down VA Wesleyan and sought revenge against Mary Washington. Two great wins for our program! Between school and practice, the team manages to find ways to spend quality team time together including our annual volleyball formal! Each year the team celebrates an early Halloween together by holding our festive formal. This year we had appearances by Joey Chestnut and a hotdog, two thumbs from spy kids, Jake from State Farm and Flo, Fred and Daphne, and even some tourists.

In addition, we are about to host our final home games this weekend, and I’m super excited for our senior night and sorority night games. For our sorority night game, we will invite all sorority women to attend in hopes of gaining some Gennies support. The chapter that has the most attendees will win our team’s participation in their philanthropic events which usually consist of flag football, pancake breakfasts, or chili cookouts. Its a great way to develop positive relationships on our campus as well as be super involved.

Lots of exciting things happening in October and can’t wait to see what the end of the season holds for us!