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Hello all!

This summer I am at home in Chicago. It has been super fun to see all of my friends and be able to spend time with my family. I have really enjoyed being able to visit the city on my off days since I have missed the big city life!

I am working at a special recreation association as part of their inclusion program. This means that I am an aide for a boy with special needs in a regular park district camp. It is super rewarding but also very difficult! We are working on social interaction, specifically eye contact and recognizing when you have someone’s attention. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures due to privacy reasons, but we get to do lots of fun stuff like swim and hike.

Summer workouts are challenging but I can already tell how much more in shape I have gotten, so big shoutout to the one and only Hayli Yetter. Included are some pictures of me mid-workout. The second one is proof that I am always ready for some jump squats (kidding).

Only 7 and a half weeks until we are all back together again for preseason 🙂 (But who’s counting)

-Hannah #22

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Hello from Milan!  This summer I have been doing an internship with a media startup called Social Reporters and taking classes at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore here in Milan, Italy.  I have absolutely been loving it!  I live in the heart of the city and have been able to explore all the different neighborhoods with some of my new friends from my program.

My favorite things so far have been the coffee and aperitivo!  Although Milan does’t have typical cups of coffee, I have converted to drinking cappuccinos and espresso (which we get endless amounts of at my work!).  Then, aperitivo has been incredible!  You order a drink, and then have access to basically an all you can eat buffet of pastas, cheeses, olives, and prosciutto.  I typically do this for dinner to save money 🙂

At my job, my co-workers have been extremely welcoming, and this past week we did the social media coverage for the 24th World Congress of Dermatology.  I had never heard of it, but apparently it is a huge deal in the world of doctors!  If anyone is curious to see all of the exciting posts you can check out @wcd2019milan on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube 🙂 Although it was a rather dry conference, I did get to attend one of the social events for the doctors where they rented out the entire Sforza Castle and had so much amazing food, performances, and a huge light show about the history of Leonardo da Vinci.  It was amazing!

As I am studying art history at W&L, Italy has truly been the place for me!  Two weekends ago I was able to travel to Padua and Venice where I was able to see the first major frescoes of the Italian Renaissance by Giotto! In Venice I got to see more amazing art, eat amazing food, and ride on a gondola!  I have plans to travel many more places on the weekends to see as much art as I can.

I joined a gym in the city center and learned it is where all of the models and very attractive businessmen work out so it has been a very different experience than the W&L fitness center haha!  Also, I have been preparing my walk from campus to the tennis center by walking about 5-10 miles a day just to get around the city!

I can’t wait to hear about everyone’s summer adventures when we get back to school.

Ciao for now!- Madeline #21

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Don’t Sleep on Summer


I hope everyone is off to a great start of their summer! We put in lots of work during the off-season and are continuing our strength and conditioning program five days a week during the summer—it’s been tough but good!

I have been busy, busy, busy!! For the past two weeks I have been interning at a graphic design company in Charlottesville called Journey Group. I have been helping project and account managers with a variety of tasks, from organizing Excel spreadsheets to testing products to actually designing something for one of their clients! I even got to present to some of the directors about what I learned in my Spring Term class at W&L! It has been a blast and I have learned so much at Journey; please enjoy these pictures that I took at work. They were clearly very natural and not at all a photoshoot…;)

My internship with Journey was a short two-week gig, and this afternoon I am driving five hours up to Pennsylvania where I will be a camp counselor at Summer’s Best Two Weeks for the rest of the summer! I have been a camper at this camp since I was nine years old and worked as a counselor for the last three years, so it truly holds a special place in my heart (it really is the best two weeks of summer, or two months as a counselor). Here are some pictures from camp last summer—I get to counsel and coach kids (ages 8-18) in a variety of sports and challenges.

I will soon start reading the book our team has chosen to read together this summer: Relentless by Tim Grover. Should be a good read and provoke lots of discussion in the fall about our goals for the season.

I am so looking forward to the fall, seeing everyone again, playing volleyball again, and wearing WHITE gear!! Can’t wait to see everyone so soon!

Signing off, Courtney #20IMG_6481

I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!

Hi everybody! You may be wondering: Gee I didn’t realize Ashleigh was such a big Wizard of Oz fan. And let me tell ya I’m not! However my mother (Linda Meade – no shame shoutout she is a day one homie) and I just recently completed a cross country trek from Virginia to Colorado!!! We made it here in record time. It only took us 25 hours of driving split up across 2 days, that has to be some kind of record (honestly not sure if my sarcasm is translating there so I figured I would point it out // not even that great of a joke at this point either but we are rolling with it 🙂 )!!!

So 25 hours of pure road trip fun later (a majority of which felt like we were in Kansas – hence the title) we ended up at our final destination…. Golden, Colorado!! I will be spending the next 10 weeks of my young adult life in this beautiful city completing a research internship at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and I couldn’t be more excited! I already set up my room, went to the grocery store, set up my gym membership (another shameless shoutout to my boy Kenny at Anytime Fitness – can’t wait to get swole for next season within your facility), and the best part is (besides having my lovely mother help me along the way of course <3) EVERYBODY IS WEARING CHACOS! I have seen a ton of bike riders (I sadly and surprisingly don’t have a bike but I’m going to look into renting one remain calm), I’m surrounded by mountains and great food (which is key), BUT I will admit I haven’t seen any rollerbladers yet. Am I worried? Not even a little. I expect the bladers to come to me overtime as I find new trails and fun activities to blade to, so if you are a member of my roller blading club on campus don’t worry the blades will stay warm over the summer and the insta (@wlu_rollerbladers -I promise this is my last shoutout but nonetheless still shameless) has BIG content coming your way!

Speaking of instas Coach Synder has recently taken over the Washington and Lee Volleyball Instagram ( @generalvb – I lied this is my last shoutout) and he has been crushing the game! Yes, I am excited for the summer ahead (work and workouts alike)  but more than anything I am excited to get back on the court again in August. I miss playing with my girls and Preseason (aka best season – ok not actually the entire season is the best season but it felt right in the moment) can’t come soon enough!

Here are a few funsies from the trip and CO so far! (I did include a geological cross sectional view of Golden that I found at Red Rocks Park because I am a nerd and rocks are GNEISS)

Peace and blussings,

Cashleigh Meade #15

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It’s Summer!!

Hi everyone! Mollie here!

I’ll try not to make this post too long, but I have had an amazing past month and am about to have a busy summer! This is my only week of down time for a while. I just got back from Italy where I was studying and creating art for 5 weeks. We went to Florence, Venice, Rome, Naples, and Assisi, just to name a few places. We went to countless museums and churches to see famous works of art, and learned so much history, art history, and Italian. We also created our own art and had an exhibition at the end of the trip to show what we worked on throughout the trip. My series is pastel drawings of my classmates in various iconic Italian locations (a few pictures attached).

When I got back to the US I went to W&L to see all my senior friends graduate. I can’t believe that will be me in just a year! Now I am back at home in Charlotte where I will be working for Wells Fargo in Business Finance starting next week. I also have a leadership conference with Deloitte this week to learn more about the company and if I could see myself working there next summer. Clearly W&L is giving me the best of both worlds, letting me explore my interests for my Studio Art minor in Italy, and helping me with my future in Accounting and Finance. PLUS I get to play volleyball… it doesn’t get much better than that!

I hope everyone has a great summer!

Mollie #13


Some of the girls I traveled with- I became such good friends with all the girls on the trip.


A few close-up shots of my pastelsIMG_0104.JPGIMG_0127.jpg

Me with my artwork 🙂IMG_0425.JPG

Happy as can be in Italy!IMG_9365.JPG

Of course I made sure I got to see several sunsets in Italy- this one is from Venice!IMG_9282.JPG

Viva Las Vegas!

Hello All!

Another Spring Term is in the books! I had a blast this Spring Term – working out and spending lots of time with my teammates, traveling to Las Vegas for my class, and hanging out with friends.

Everyone crushed max lifting this past week! This just shows how hard we have all worked in the weight room this offseason and I can’t wait for it to carry over into season! Shout out to Hayli for pushing and encouraging us every day! We concluded the year with our annual cookout at Coach’s house and had the end of the year athletic department awards banquet on Tuesday.

This Spring Term I took Casino Accounting. For the first week, we learned as much as we could about the casino industry as well as how to play Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette. During week 2, we traveled to Las Vegas. On the first day, we enjoyed a walking tour of the Strip. Day 2 we met with management from MGM at the Bellagio and LVS in The Venetian where we asked questions about the Las Vegas casino industry. One interesting fact I learned was how large the gambling industry is in Macao (the revenues generated in China are drastically higher than in Las Vegas). After meeting with management, we were pretty much on our own for the rest of the trip. I ate some amazing food and my class went to the Cirque du Soleil show “O” at the Bellagio which was incredible. After the Cirque du Soleil show, we all went to a Chainsmokers concert which was also very fun!

I just flew back home to Southern California yesterday so this week was kind of hectic trying to pack up everything from my townhouse, move it into my new apartment for next year, finish my accounting class, and say bye to all my friends. Hope everyone is having a great start to their summer!

-Allison #12


Schwifty Sweden in Spring Term


Hej hej and välkommen till Sverige!

Spring term in Stockholm (and a little Uppsala): Ashleigh, Brynne and I are currently venturing through Sweden with our theater class. Yes, you read that correctly, we are taking a theater class. The three science majors have really changed gears for this spring term, but it’s been incredible so far!

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We have seen lots of theater – and i mean lots. Every day we see at least one production if not more. It’s a little exhausting, but I’ve been enjoying it. We’ve seen operas, musicals, and plays of all different sizes and qualities. Besides theater, we’ve had the chance to learn more about Swedish culture. The most important part of the culture by far…. is hockey. I’m joking of course, but the hockey game we attended was definitely my favorite event so far. Sweden beat Russia 4-1, and the crowd was electric. It’s so disappointing that people don’t follow hockey more closely in the US. (throwback to last year in Lexington where someone asked me if my Red Wings shirt was about restaurant…?).

Other than the hockey game and theatrical productions, we have enjoyed boat rides, an amusement park, music concerts, and lots of museums. Most days will we “fika” too. A fika is a time during the day where Swedish people take a break from work and have a coffee and snack with their friends/coworkers. You don’t talk about work, as it is a time to relax and rest. Fika is always a good time!

Anyway, we have been having an incredible time in Sweden so far. The class ends in less than a week, which is really sad, but my parents and older brother are coming to visit in Stockholm the day after the class ends. From there, we have plans to travel to Copenhagen and London. Should be the trip of a lifetime!

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Yes the modeling career is still in full force… in case you were curious!

Tusen tack!

hej då,

Kiki #10