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Hey blog readers,

Even though it’s March (already??!!), I’m going to fill you in a bit on my Feb break because I had a BLAST and I miss it a ton. I had the opportunity to travel to Belize for a week with an engineering club on campus and build a biosand water filter for a small community that does not always have access to clean water! Check out the club website that I created over the summer…here’s the link to info about our trip and videos (shameless plug): https://wluecd.wixsite.com/wluecd/international-projects.


Meanwhile, back in Lex it snowed yesterday 🙂 But despite the cold temps, everyone is crushing spring practices, early morning lifts, and conditioning!!!! We are all looking uber strong. Big fan. And last week Val, Ca$h, and I won queens so check us out on our bumping Instagram @generalsvb (another shameless plug).


Looking forward…I shall be traveling to Quebec at the end of March to present my summer research at a concrete conference. Then, during spring term I am studying abroad for all 4 weeks in ICELAND!!! So get ready for more cool pics.

Thanks for reading blog friends. Catch us on the vball insta balling out the next few weeks.

Anna #5


Back From Feb Break!!

Hello all,

As you can tell from the title, this is the sequel to Al’s post “Almost Feb Break!!”  I have just arrived back on campus after spending a few days with family and friends back in Utah.  I’m not necessarily looking forward to doing homework again but I could not be more excited for spring practices!!  We have all been putting in so much work over the last few weeks in our lifts, conditioning, and open gyms and I can’t wait to see all the hard work pay off.  Speaking of school, the classes I’m taking this semester include Chemistry, Writing, German, and Basketball.  So, even though we haven’t been practicing in the DTC for the past few weeks, I still have to make the trek twice a week to ball out.  For the next couple of weeks, I’m looking forward to learning more things in school, playing with the team, and hanging out with friends! Lots of exciting things coming up!  Please enjoy some pictures below 🙂

Val #4


Almost Feb Break!!

Hello wonderful people!

Al Case checking in. In case the title didn’t give it away, we are only ONE WEEK AWAY FROM FEB BREAK. THANK GOODNESS. I’m very excited because I get to go home to Minnesota and I’m taking the one and only Cash Meade with me!!! That is clearly the exciting part, not the fact that at one point at my house it was -50 during the polar vortex! Winter term so far has been quite crazy. All four of my classes are in Biology, so I’ve enjoyed the Science Center as my new home for the semester. But you know what makes tough classes better?? VOLLEYBALL! We’ve been crushing open gyms twice a week and we also have some super tough workouts 5 times a week. We’re officially 15 days away until Spring season, which is the best news in the world! It may be my favorite time of the year- all the early hard work from the winter definitely pays off being in practice. It’s the time of the year to really grind as a team, while still getting to have a bunch of fun and really focus on improvement. Also, tonight was our team banquet and it was great to see our lovely seniors again (lol please don’t leave)! Overall it’s going to be a tough final week here, but I’m looking forward to pushing through and getting a nice little break.

Catch ya later!!

Al #2


My big moose I’m excited to come home to!! 


it’s cold here & i miss florida

Hi everyone! Leah here.

It has certainly been a cold cold winter here in Lex. I’ve gotten so pale that I had to fake tan for my formal so that I didn’t blend in with the white walls surrounding me in my pictures (yikes). Here’s a picture of me, Madeline (fellow vball soph) and our friend Lorena at the formal! (How do I look- tan right??)


In other news, I recently had a quarter-life crisis in which I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life (love that). So after countless meetings with professors and even one of our seniors Elly Cosgrove, I decided to double major in Business and Spanish! Yay!


So yes, the stress of classes has come back to us. In addition to volleyball lifts, track practices (love the 2 sport athlete life), friends, work-study, and classes (of course this list of priorities is not in order because school comes first #student #athlete), I have brought back the famous hand list to make sure I keep up with all my responsibilities. Take a look at last week’s list-


Speaking of classes, this semester I am taking a Spanish literature class, intro to journalism, business management, and marketing. I actually really like my marketing class so hopefully that helps me with my whole quarter-life crisis thing. I also just got an email that I will be able to take a spring term lab in which I will be studying volcanoes on campus for 3 weeks and then traveling to Washington for the 4th week to camp out in the wilderness so that we can observe them in real life! Fun!

Other than me freezing my butt off- class, sports, and srat life have kept me pretty busy. The good thing about the cold though is that I decided I never want to actually live in the cold (like NEVER ever). I’ll just stick to yearly trips to ski or something…take a look:


I guess that’s it from me, folks! Stay happy, stay healthy (it’s flu season- not good), and stay warm!!! I’ll sign off with a pic of my dog Winnie that was sent to me by my dear mother. Hope everyone has a great week!


-Leah, #1



Hello everyone and welcome to winter term! We just started classes on January 7th and after one week I think I have all A’s! This semester I have finally gotten into my major requirements! I am taking Neuro 120 (Introduction to Neuroscience), Psych 120 (Statistics and Research Design), Psych 113 (Principles of Development), Psych 353 (Advanced Systems and Methods of Neuroscience Research), Prep Study Abroad for Swedish Theater, and my personal favorite….. PE basketball. I am very excited for my classes this semester especially my research class which is preparing me for the research I will be doing this summer. I will be staying in Lexington for 10 weeks to study the plasticity of neurons within the gustatory system of rats. I am also super excited for spring term abroad in SWEDEN! I will be traveling with two volleyball players— Kiera Borthwick and my co-captain and partner in crime: Ashleigh Meade. Aside from school, the team has been killing it in the weight room and in the pavilion for conditioning (RIP to the Bry Sny workout program, but we have been loving our new strength coach). This past Saturday, the volleyball team got to support our friends on the swim team at their swim meet, and today we had our first open gym of the offseason. Open gym went fabulously. I have a good feeling about this offseason.

here is a pic of us just being happy:

Brynne Gould #24

Winter Break!!

This Christmas was SO fun!!

It started off with Madeline and I driving to Dallas to celebrate some friends! image.pngThroughout the rest of break, I went for lots of walks with my parents to get breakfast tacos. We even walked 6 miles to downtown Austin one day. And I took my dog on lots of trips to Zilker.

Also, I got to see a lot of my friends from high school, including my friend Holly who just won a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP starting as a freshman for Stanford! I was very happy to be home and while veryone knows that I talk about Texas a lot, Austin truly is the best place in the world. However, no matter how much I love Austin, Lexington is of course where I want to be 9 months out of the year. We have been back for soroity rush with a great week. Tomorrow we have our first offseason lift! Can’t wait to see all my people bright and early!

ALSO I can’t forget about the Texas Longhorns in the Sugar Bowl New Years Eve. I just have to say, TEXAS IS BACKKKKK!!!

Anyways. Peace and Love,



Hello everyone! Hannah here, the last freshman to post for the first time 🙂

We finished up finals last week and I finished my first semester of freshman year!! I made so many great memories with the team and met so many great people. I am so lucky to be able to be a part of W&L.

Since being home in Illinois, I have already visited downtown Chicago with my family. I cannot wait for Christmas and a relaxing break with family and friends. I ALSO cannot wait to get back to school and start offseason workouts!!

Have a great holiday season everyone!!

Hannah #22


My mom and I in the city


My favorite skyline


A collage of pictures from my first semester at W&L