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A Year in Review

Well, freshman year has finally come to an end, and it is so bittersweet. My first year at W&L could not have been better. It was full of adventures with amazing friends and teammates. During the fall, I experienced my first season as Generals volleyball player. It was a season full of learning and improvement, not to mention winning ODACs was the icing on the cake. My teammates and coaches became my second family. There is so much support in our program that it makes the transition to college so much easier. After fall term was over, Christmas break flew by. I entered into winter term not knowing what to expect, and it was interesting to say the least. There was a tremendous amount of work, but I was also able to experience W&L’s social life in a completely different way. W&L has such a unique culture, and it really sets it apart from so many other schools. However, once winter term came to an end, I went on spring break with my pledge class to Gulf Shores, Alabama. It was by far one of the best weeks of my life. It enabled me to strengthen many of my relationships with my pledge class sisters and also with the fraternity guys that stayed close to us. We spent numerous nights staying up late playing “What are the odds?”, which I found that I was strangely good at. I returned from spring break, and I went into spring term not really understanding why everyone said it was so great. I quickly learned that it is the best part of the year (apart from season of course). I ended up taking a playwriting course and actually learned how to write a decent play. It’s nice to only have to focus on one class and having plenty of free time to finish homework, go to open gyms, and enjoy your friends. Today, I had to leave Lexington for the summer, and I already miss everything about it. W&L has become my home away from home.



Sup from Ireland

Hey guys,

Can’t believe that we only have one week left of school and that I will officially be a senior in a couple weeks…yikes. I’m currently writing this post from Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland as I chose to take a literature class here for Spring Term! The past 3 weeks have been a total blur but so incredible. We’ve done so much-some of the highlights have been taking Irish Gaelic language classes, getting soaked on the ferry that took us to the Aran Islands, visiting the tower in which writer WB Yeats lived, seeing the Cliffs of Moher, learning traditional Irish step dances and songs on the tin whistle, and eating more fish and chips than I ever have in my life. The most challenging thing we’ve done has definitely been climbing Mount Brandon, the 9th tallest mountain in Ireland (I know that doesn’t sound that impressive, but I’m not a big hiker so I was proud to make it to the top). I’ve also loved getting the chance to just hang out with my classmates and get to know people I would never have met otherwise. We’ve all had a good time braving the constant rain, getting weirded out by how the sun sets at 10 pm, and drinking Guinness in our wool sweaters. I can’t believe I only have 4 more days here, I’m going to miss it so much! I would love to come back one day to visit Dublin, Galway and/or Belfast in Northern Ireland.
However, I’m really excited to get home for the summer and start working towards preseason! I had ACL surgery in the fall and haven’t played volleyball since October 1st, so I am absolutely DYING to get back on the court. I’ve enjoyed the different role of giving feedback and helping my teammates with their performance, but there’s nothing like being in the action with them. More than anything, though, I’m so anxious to see all their beautiful faces and be super weird with them again in August. 1 month away was way too long!
Below are a few pics from the highlights of my trip so far.
Sláinte (Gaelic for “cheers”),
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Annual 4 v. 4 Tournament

Hello friends and family! Although there is only one week left of spring term, it has been such an amazing time!  I currently taking a class called the History of Thomas Jefferson, which I need for a humanities requirement.  It has been an interesting class and my roommate Jackie and I are taking it together, which makes it more fun.  Although people have the opportunity to take super cool classes, my personal favorite part of spring term is our annual 4 v. 4 volleyball tournament, which happened on Wednesday!! The volleyball tournament is super fun because we get to see our friends, coaches, and even professors battle it out on the court! This year we had a variety of teams competing.  There was a women’s basketball team, a coaches team, a professors team, and our volleyball seniors and assistant coaches even played.  I was really impressed by the level of competition in the gym, especially from the professors!! It was really fun to watch how competitive everyone became as the tournament went on.  I have also learned that I am terrible at action shots, so please enjoy these semi-blurry pictures.

Here is our lovely seniors, Kelly McManus and Katie Toomb competing with our assistant coaches, Shawn and Christina

Here are our lovely seniors, Kelly McManus and Katie Toomb competing with our assistant coaches, Shawn and Christina.  I am sad to say they did not win the tournament!

Here is a picture of our tournament winners! I have to admit that I was impressed with their skills, especially their blocking!


This is for you coach!


Competition in the main gym


Our 4 v. 4 tournament is such a fun, annual thing that we love to do every year.  It creates such great memories and I can’t wait until next year!

Have a great summer everyone!

Maddy Cutler (Cudi)

Impromptu Abroad Update


So even though I’m technically blogging out of turn I just couldn’t wait any longer because I recently fulfilled a lifelong dream/goal. A couple weeks ago I went to Hogwarts. That’s right, you can now cue the jealousy and disbelief. Alnwick Castle is located in Northumberland, England and was the site for filming the first 2 Harry Potter movies. Anyone who knows me knows how completely and irrationally obsessed I am with HP (I’ve read each book 9 times and the 5th book a couple more times because it’s my favorite to just put things in perspective). To just add onto the goal fulfilling, I also got the chance to take broomstick flying lessons!! Even though I was the oldest person there by about 10 years that didn’t discourage me in the slightest. I am now a professional and will be more than happy to teach anyone who I feel possesses the unique talent. A picture that confirms my new magical abilities is below.


Also, I can’t contain my excitement because I officially booked my tickets and will be back in LexVegas May 21st! I can’t begin to describe how excited I am to be reunited with the entire team! Even though I’ve had the best time ever abroad, 5 months away from my best friends and volleyball was too too hard!

Mar sin leat,


Finals Week Is Upon Us


Unfortunately, this post finds us fresh out of spring season. We had our last practice just over a week ago and I can definitely say I’m going through volleyball withdrawal. Spring season was PHENOMENAL. Everyone improved so much in so many different areas, it just mind blowing how fast everyone improved. As if spring season coming to an end wasn’t bad enough, we are currently all prepping for finals week. Luckily, our team is all supa smart and everyone is going to crush their finals before being able to hit the road for SPRAAAAAANG BREAKKKKKKK.  I’m heading back to the good ol’ mitten to prepare for my trip to Paris, where I will be studying abroad this spring. I know I will suffer from some serious FOMO while abroad, but I know Ellie and I are going to absolutely slay the streets of Paris. I know what you all are thinking and, yes, we will continue to get swole even while overseas, dontcha worry about it. Sorry to keep this short, but writing this post is my way for procrastinating for my finals so I better get back to the study grind. Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures I made for my design class of some of the lovely members of our team.


Kenzie “MackDaddy” Shand

Kasey oh so perfectly passing a ball

Kasey oh so perfectly passing a ball

Jenna about to unleash her nasty serve

Jenna about to unleash her nasty serve

Lauren crushing one

Lauren crushing one

hi Coach!

hi Coach!

Getting Fancy and Fun

Hello everyone!!

So Fancy Dress was this weekend! It’s an annual event at W&L that is essentially the equivalent of prom. It was incredibly fun! It was funny/cool seeing everyone on the team look gorgeous, as opposed to our usual workout attire in the gym. (Not that we don’t look gorgeous working out) But it was definitely a highlight of my year here thus far. It’s crazy to think that we only have two weeks left of this term and then four weeks of spring term. Time clearly flies when you’re having fun!

Time also flew by when it comes to our spring season. It’s CRAZY to think that we only have two practices left. Spring season has been incredibly productive, and it’s so awesome how much improvement everyone has made throughout this month. It makes me and everyone else super super excited for the fall and for our next season to begin! Luckily for us, we’ll still have open gyms and lifts after our spring season officially ends on Tuesday.



(P.S. I just started watching Gossip Girl on Netflix today which should explain the signature there)

Fancy Dress 2015 Group

Cuddy, Kasey, Me, Jenna, Elena, Sam, and our pal Lizard looking fancy for Fancy Dress

In the Swing of Spring

Helloooo everyone!!

Spring Season has been awesome! I had heard a lot of good things about it from the upperclassmen, but now I know exactly what they were talking about. Spring season is fantastic because A) it means we get to get back to playing volleyball (yay), B) really focus on honing certain technical skills and try new things, and C) we get SWOLL in the weight room. It’s been so cool seeing all of our hard work we put in in the weight room and conditioning workouts transfer to our play on the court now. Unfortunately, we only have 3 more spring practices with coaches and it flew by way too fast. :( However, we really took advantage of the 16 practices we were allotted to grow as individuals and as a team and I can’t wait for next season when we’ll see all of this hard work in full motion!

Besides volleyball, spring also brings a lot of other super cool things. First of all, I am definitely a HUGE fan of the weather that has arrived in Lex. Winter was exciting with all the snow, but the 60 and 70-degree weather we’ve been having is perfect. Along with weather, spring brings exciting activities, like fraternity and sorority formals, Fancy Dress (which is this weekend!!), and extra time to hang out with friends :)

Last weekend for example, Lauren and I attended a fraternity formal together in Charlottesville and I also went out to sushi/a movie(“Insurgent”-which rocked) with Kenzie and Cudi on Saturday in town. So, without being in the gym everyday with each other and travelling to matches most weekends, we definitely find ways to still hang out and have fun.

But anyways, formal and a night out on the town were definitely a great time and allowed me to take my mind off of classes for a while. We only have four more weeks of winter term and life is getting pretty busy (I also start giving tours for the school this Friday so that should be fun!).  can’t wait to see what Spring Term brings soon, though– I’ve heard sooo many good things about it!

I also can’t wait for my first Fancy Dress this weekend!! Ahhh I looveee spring! :)

Love y’all,

Katie Volk :)

Literally never gets old.

Literally never gets old.

Frat formal with Lauren!!

Frat formal with Lauren!!


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