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Finals Week…

Hello everyone!

I am writing to you from the depths of the library because it is everyone’s favorite time of the year…finals.  A whole week dedicated to studying, drinking coffee, and writing papers.  I am currently writing a research paper on plastic straw bans, which is actually quite interesting.  Later this week I have to take finals in my art history, accounting, and statistics courses.  Let the studying begin!!

We were surprised today to wake up to a winter wonderland! It snowed all night, and it is still snowing as I am writing this.  The campus looks picture perfect!  Here is s pic I snagged of Brynn Gould, Mollie Ray, and myself.

After this week, I will be able to return to my home, San Antonio, Texas for the holidays.  I can’t wait!  Wishing everyone best of luck on their finals, and a happy holidays!!

-Madeline #21



We are thankful for YOU!

Dear avid blog followers and Generals volleyball supporters,

We are so thankful for you! W&L volleyball wouldn’t be what it is without endless support from our families, friends, and alumni. Our program is truly blessed to know each and every one of you. Happy Thanksgiving!

It has been weird having so much free time now that the season is over. We celebrated Madeline’s birthday with the sophomore class and celebrated a fantastic season with the whole team in the last two weeks before we went on Thanksgiving break.

For break, our team dispersed all across the US. We had members in California, Utah, Florida, Michigan, and even the far-away land of Charlottesville!! It has been a great time of catching up with family, making new memories and reminiscing on old ones, and (most importantly) EATING. One of my family’s favorite dishes is my homemade pineapple casserole. [it’s the center dish in the picture below] The secret ingredient? Lots and lots of butter 🙂


When we get back to school we have two weeks of classes, a week of exams, and then we will be on winter break! During that time we will have a couple of volleyball meetings to debrief on the season, but we will not have any practices. It’s nice to have time off, but I look forward to getting back in the gym after winter break!

Much love,

Courtney Berry #20


Hello blogosphere!

Ashleigh Meade here and hype to be back on that blog grind! SOOOO much has happened for the Generals Volleyball Team since our last post. I am going to make a nice organized list in order to properly convey this message:

  1. WE WON ODACS!!!!! -Ladies and gentlemen I kid you not, ask any member of this team and they will tell you it was the happiest day of their life. I have never seen more people crying from pure joy than I did post win. It was just so happy!! We worked incredibly hard all season for this exact reason and I am beyond proud to be a part of such a talented group of players and coaching staff. We done earned it ladies, and I don’t know about you but I want another one!!! Actually I want infinitely many ODAC titles 🙂 (teehee math)
  2. WE WENT BACK TO GEORGIA FOR REGIONALS!!!-We played Colorado College at Berry College in our first round of regionals. This was a very exciting experience for the whole team because none of us had played in the tournament before! (basically no one knew we would get free snacks and drinks so that was dope!)  We put up an incredible fight against CC, battling for every point. I was so so proud of the effort and heart that each member of our program displayed during our final match this season 🙂
  3. WE GOT HIBACHI!!– Coach lived up to his promise and took the team to get hibachi after NCAAs!! Everyone was THRIVING at dinner let me tell ya. Leah Green was so excited for the flaming volcano she even spilled her drink! What a time to be alive! That dinner was one that I will honestly never forget, 1-because great food, and 2- because it was our last postgame dinner with the 3 seniors 😦 Can’t get into the emotions I feel about losing all of them next year because my laptop is not waterproof, but I love them all and will be forever grateful for the time we have spent together on and off the court.

In summary I LOVE THIS TEAM!!! Thank you for reading about my happiness over the past two weeks! Stay golden pony boy!! (idk why i felt the need to include that reference but it feels right)

Peace and blessings,

Ca$h Money Meade

Also here are some hype ODAC Champs pics!

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October is almost over??

Hello blog world!!

Mollie Ray here on a cold and overcast Sunday afternoon in Lexington. Lots of work to do today because of our traveling this weekend! We left Thursday afternoon and drove 9 hours to Atlanta for a tournament at Emory University. We played some really great teams and came out with a win, which fueled us for the long 9 hour trek back to school. My parents and many others were at the game to support us, and we had the biggest gathering of fans we’ve had in the history of the program!! I love how involved all of the parents have been this season, coming out to so many games! We definitely feel the love.

This past week has been an exciting one for me! I received an internship offer from Wells Fargo in Charlotte, NC, so I’ll be living at home and making a little moolah this summer! I also found out that I got into the Spring Term Abroad program that I applied for: Drawing Italy. I am a studio art minor, and this class gives me an incredible opportunity to study art and create my own in one of the richest art-historical countries in the world!!! You could say I’m a little excited.

There is so much to look forward to in the next few weeks. We have our annual cookout at coach’s house tomorrow, then the first round of playoffs on Wednesday, where we will play Guilford at home. Our biggest focus as a team is winning the next game, no matter who we are playing or what games are in the future. With this in mind, we hope to come out victorious on Wednesday, and continue our quest to be ODAC champions and beyond!!! And of course Thanksgiving break will be here before we know it, and I am so excited to go home and be with my family!!!

Hopefully you will hear good news soon from the next blog poster, but in the meantime here of some pictures from my year so far!

Peace and Blessings,

Mollie Ray #13

From top to bottom: (1) My biggest fans at the game this weekend! (2-4) a few of my most recent paintings for my Painting I class. (5) I finally got my room looking exactly how I want! (6) a beautiful sunset from the other night. and (7) My wonderful roomies (all on the volleyball team) that I absolutely love living with!! Shoutout to all of you ❤




Fall is finally here!!!

Hi Everyone,

The Gennies had a great volleyball weekend after a crazy day on Thursday with our bus breaking down, a power outage at Averett, and our match being cancelled for the second time due to the hurricanes. On Saturday, we played Messiah and had a very consistent and aggressive match (something we have been working towards in practice and games)! We also played Juniata on Saturday, and even though we lost, we battled through and played a great game of General’s volleyball.

Some other exciting news is that the fall weather has finally arrived in Lexington. Most of our practices up till now have been very hot and sweaty resulting in slippery floors. Although, I haven’t noticed any fall colors yet…hopefully they will come soon!

The past week and this upcoming week have been busy, as it is midterm time. Fall break (no class) on Thursday and Friday was much needed to catch up on school work and sleep!

Also, shout out to Coach for his 500th win!!
And finally, shout out to Courtney Berry-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

-Allison #12

Coming at you live…

Hello all! Blogging in the van on the ride home from a great GWD (Gennies win day)!

Today we beat Ferrum College (a new addition to the ODAC conference this year) 3-0 and Bridgewater 3-0.  It was an exciting day of matches full of many fans. It is parents weekend at W&L.  There were many parents in class and around campus on Friday.  We had practice and then got on the road early this morning for our matches.  Many volleyball parents are returning to campus to see players and friends for festivities tonight.

We we look forward to our next match on Monday at Roanoke College. We will keep you posted.


milldawg and the silver van

Back and Better Than Ever

Classes just started last week, and I am in for a crazy semester. I’m taking organic chemistry and genetics together. In other words, my home will be the library for the next few months. A have a nice study place on the third floor (where I am writing this right now actually!). Although this semester will prove challenging, I’m excited to see what I am capable of achieving!

I’ve been living in my new apartment for about a week now. When we arrived back on campus in mid-August, one of the sets of Woods Creeks Apartments was still in the process of renovation. I lived in Woods Creek West temporarily while the renovations were completed in Woods Creek East. The wait was definitely worth it! The new apartment has all new appliances, flooring, and furniture. The move was frustrating after already being on campus for two weeks, but I’m happy to be living in a nicer place.

I included a few pictures below of some activities we’ve done on campus so far. Meg is holding a sign we made for the football team. Normally, every year we attend at least one football game. This year, however, our schedules always conflicted. Instead of attending a game, we made the football team two signs to show our support. We delivered them at the beginning of one of their team practices.

Kiki #10