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5wks til preseason!!

Hey people!! I’m Greer Gordon, and I will be a freshman this year! So far this summer has been full of travel. I started it off with a senior trip to Europe. There was a group of 22 of us that traveled Europe with a teacher from my school. We went to Italy, Switzerland, and Germany. Every place we went to was BEAUTIFUL! Also I probably couldn’t even count how many times we got gelato in Italy. The places were awesome but what made the trip so special was sharing it with all my best friends from high school!

After Europe, we took a family trip to Colorado. It was good to spend some quality time with them, and fun to watch my brother kill it in his lacrosse tournament.

This past weekend we had camp!! It was so fun getting to see everyone and finally meet all my fellow freshman. The camp was so helpful and I learned so much. It made me so much more excited for preseason (which I didn’t think was actually possible)!!

Anyways, I’ll just be “patiently” waiting for 5 weeks until it all starts! Here are some pics from my summer so far– and GO GENNIES!


Trevi fountain


on cloud 9 in Swizterland!!


selfie in Florence


Colorado with the fam


ziplining with my sibs!


2020 crew


Hey guys!  I am Anna and an incoming freshman this year, and I cannot wait to be back on the court playing some volleyball!  It’s weird to think I only graduated two weeks ago… but so far my summer has been great.  I went to Avon, North Carolina, for a week at the beach with some of my closest friends.   We got a lot of sun, played some sand volleyball, and attempted to skim board, which was not always super successful but it was still something to laugh about.  Now I am back home and working my summer job of coaching volleyball camps for little kids.  I am looking forward to going on some adventures this month (most likely just hiking and fishing and going to see Finding Dory at the drive-in, if that counts as an adventure), and I cannot wait for camp in a couple weeks!  Hope everyone is having a great summer!


~ Anna

Summer 2k16

I have been having a great summer so far! I’ve started my new internship in downtown Roanoke with Davenport and Company, and I’m really enjoying it! The days can be long and the work can be tedious, but its been a great experience this far. I’ve hung out with some hometown friends and also explored around Charlotte. I’m currently in the Turks and Caicos kicking back and relaxing with my family. The days are full of paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, and, of course, tanning. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The water is just like a pool and the sand is incredibly soft and white. My family is planning a few fun activities for the week that I’m looking forward to like a snorkeling adventure and a cave exploration.

Can’t wait to see everyone in August!


Summer in STL

Whats up people who read this blog?? It’s summer time and that means (for Meg at least) lots of hours spent in the sun getting paid to yell at delinquent children while also getting bad tan lines from that awful lifeguard one piece. Since there are only a couple guards at our pool I have worked every single day since I have gotten back so that has taken up the majority of my time. When I am not lifeguarding I am either at my grandmas pool  (hanging out with cousins and family) — taking long naps, or working out and sending boss snaps to teammates of me conditioning. I am supposed to start working for my dad soon here but I am studying a lot of psychology and biology in school and he is a electrical engineer so I’m not too sure what I am going to bring to the table at work. ALSO in a couple of weeks our family and our cousins are going to be embarking on a journey to Kentucky to live on a house boat on a lake there. So…that should be interesting.

see ya next time blog,

megglez (still hate the nickname but its too late to stop it…thnx @milldog)


Jane and I stealing the show at Hope’s eight grade graduation


snaps I send to milldog and elward about my toes to bar/sunburn problem



Action shots of my dad and I helping my cousin Lucy work on her serve for summer camp. Shoutout to Lucy she was chosen as “camper of the day” for practicing outside of camp!! (also please note my dad’s technique…its a good thing he’s a soccer player)





The first of the freshies

Hi everyone! My name is Allie Case (I like to go by Al) and I’m going to be one of the incoming freshman next year.At W&L I plan to major in Biology with a minor in Animal Biology. I hail from Lakeville, MN and am currently enjoying the surprisingly sunny summer we’ve been having!  To give you an idea, last June it was still snowing so people are VERY excited about the sunshine here. Some fun facts about me: my favorite food is anything, my favorite animal is the cheetah, and my favorite blizzard at Dairy Queen is Brownie Batter. I’m super excited as this is my last week of high school coming up- I graduate on Thursday which is also my birthday!! Then on Friday I’ve got my graduation party- the pulled pork sandwiches being served is definitely going to be the highlight. Overall I had a great senior year and I shared some pictures of my highlights below!!

Until next time,



The summer before my senior year I went to Africa for 3 weeks with National Geographic. This is me with one of the ambassador cheetah cubs of N/a’an ku sê Sanctuary who was rescued after his mom was shot by a local farmer.



This was myself and the 4 other DECA officers at our state competition. DECA is a business club where you can compete in different fields like marketing, hospitality and tourism, or finance by doing mock role plays of business case studies or writing papers about business models (not as boring as it sounds, trust me). I’ve qualified for nationals all four years and this year’s nattys was in Nashville!


For spring break I went to Saint-Maarten which is in the French West Indies. I got so sunburnt that my shoulders still look messed up. It was so bad that I couldn’t lay on my back so I slept standing up in the shower with cold water running all night.



And last but certainly not least, this is me and my best friend, Katy, the day of our prom which was UNREAL. Hands down the best song played at prom was the YMCA, I went HARD. Was I judged? Probably. Did I care? Too busy killin’ on the dance floor to notice.

Gallivanting through Europe

Hi everyone! My name is Madeline Cutler and I am a rising senior (gross). It is hard to believe I will be beginning my senior year in three months, especially because I still look like a young freshman. Anyways I just got back from one of the biggest adventures of my life – studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark! I made Copenhagen my home for three months, traveled Europe on breaks and weekends, and visited some pretty amazing countries! My parents still joke that they aren’t sure how much “studying” I did because every time we talked I had just traveled to another country.  I was able to travel to Germany, France, Italy, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Spain, and several other parts of Denmark. My personal favorite was Florence, Italy because it has been my life-long dream to travel there. It was actually where I wanted to study, but they didn’t offer business classes. I also really loved Munich, Germany because that is where I met two of my best friends and we got to explore a new city together. The biggest thing I learned is that traveling isn’t about the places you visit, but the people you are with because they will have the biggest impact on your experiences. I know that is super cliché, but I found it to be extremely true because I traveled with some amazing people and we had a great time. I also traveled with not so great people and I didn’t have nearly as much fun.

Now that I’ve bragged about all the countries I’ve visited, here are some of my favorite pictures to make you all jealous.:)


In February, my roommates and I took a trip to Mon Klint, Denmark.


My business class took a week long trip to Latvia and Finland. We spent an afternoon learning how to curl, so we are now ready for the Olympics.


Barcelona, Spain – the sun was a welcome break from Copenhagen where it was generally dark, gray and windy. I was obsessed with these pineapple palm trees.


Free chocolate equals pure joy on my face.


The view of Barcelona at Park de GuellIMG_4271

Just me and two of my favorite things.



This is my wonderful visiting host family. Although I didn’t live with them full time, I visited their home once a month to learn more about their lives and culture. They were all wonderful people and I hope to see them again soon!

Although I absolutely loved Copenhagen and Europe, I am very happy to be home to see my friends and family! Now for my next adventure – interning at Ernst & Young in Washington, D.C.!


Sprang Turm

Hello Blog Readers,

I come to you from one of the most magical times of year, and I am not talking about Christmas. We are here to talk Spring Term, or as I like to refer to it as “Sprang Turm”, because it really is one of the most glorious inventions. With 4 weeks full of one class, plenty of formals, sunshine, open gyms, lifts, and conditionings, it is hard to go wrong this time of year. It started off strong with Alumni Weekend, in which I was reunited with one of my best friends who graduated last year and celebrated such reunion with a swift swing off of a rope into the Maury river (highly recommended).


Here is me being guided by my friends to ensure my safe exit from the tree

The following week, Apollo Ohno came to visit and shared his experiences at the Olympics and just exactly how he got to where he was today. It was super interesting to hear how he got started in and maintained the passion for the sport he loves! Athletes were allowed a special one hour Q&A with him in which we could ask him whatever we wanted. It’s one of many perks of being an athlete here!


Apollo Ohno in the flesh

We then went on a team hike that week that was about an hour an a half up to the House Mountain Saddle. Although the weather wasn’t great, I think we can all agree that we would’ve taken that over 90 degrees and sunny as it was a pretty steep climb all the way up. It was a great workout and a great time with teammates!


If you didn’t take a picture, did you even really do it?

That weekend, my friends and I packed up my car and went tubing down the Maury. Our friend Jordan had just returned from a 9 month study abroad trip in Japan, so we wanted to make sure we reacquainted him with LexVegas the right way. Unfortunately for us, it was like taking an ice bath after all the rain we had gotten that week but I can’t argue a nice recovery and a solid time with pals after a long week of workouts and class. It was so much fun having our entire crew from freshman year be reunited again, although I am surprised we can still stand each other after having lived next door to each other for 9 months.


I wasn’t helpful in the deflating process, so I took a selfie instead

This past weekend the nice weather was celebrated with lots of friends and beach wear, which was a good way to cap off the last weekend of the 2016 school year. I still can’t believe how fast this is all going, and I know these next two weeks are going to be really hard saying goodbye to some of my best friends for the past 3 years, but all of them are on their ways to rocking the real world. Mansie will be working in DC, CK will be going to grad school at Duke, Kasey will be rocking it in NYC, Jenna will be taking some time off at home then (fingers crossed!!!) relocate to nearby DC, and Anna will be doing some crazy research in Pitt. Can’t wait to see how these ladies lives change over the next year!



Suns out guns out, even for graduated members of the volleyball team


Until next time, Blogosphere.



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