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Thanksgiving and Christmas Weekend make for an overwhelming finals week

Hello Loyal Blog Readers and Generals Volleyball Fans!

El Cosgrove here to tell you that I should have done more work over Thanksgiving break and Christmas Weekend. This week, (the week before finals) is one filled with late nights, lots of coffee and some quality lib time. Nevertheless, spending time with family over Thanksgiving and friends during the festivities this past weekend was much needed.

Over Thanksgiving break, my family decided to do what we usually do and hop on over to Bald Head Island. Before this, however, I decided it was a good idea to chop off my long locks and rock the short hair look. I have yet to regret the decision, so things are going well!

Christmas Weekend, an annual W&L favorite, was this past weekend. Basically this weekend includes a lot of Christmas-themed gatherings and a Red Square party on Saturday that everyone attends! Throughout the weekend, people break out the ugly Christmas sweaters and festive dresses to welcome the holiday season. Below are some pictures! *Notice the short hair*

Until Next Time!

-El Cosgrove (Flames) #8


End of season and Thanksgiving break

Hey pals,

So we ended our season two weeks ago.. It was a heartbreaking battle against Randolph Macon. We played so well, and came so so close. We lost 14-16 in the 5th set.. It was really sad, but gives us that much more revenge to get back at them next year.


On the academic side of things, the past 2 weeks have been rough. My teachers told us they were being nice by not giving us any work over thanksgiving break, but that also meant that I had something in each class due this past week. Not a huge fan of taking 2 exams and writing an 8 page paper in one week. We also had registration a couple of weeks ago and I’m pumped because I don’t have any early morning classes, and I’m taking 2 business and 2 history classes which is perfect for me!!


Ready for break, but excited to be back at school with all the pals in a week!!!



October Fun

Hello friends!  It’s Anna Soroka here, checking in on the bus ride back from Atlanta, Georgia where we just battled hard against some very competitive teams.  This weekend concludes our regular season schedule, so this coming week is the start of… ODACS!!!!!!!!!!!  I know everyone on the team is super excited to get down to business.

On the academic side of things, you already know I’m going to bring up the great world of engineering with my good pal Ca$h Meade.   We are thriving in our electrical circuits lab and statics class, and I have some pictures below to prove it.  I’ve also included some fun pictures of the sophomore class swagging out at Emory.  Thanks for checking in and can’t wait for Gennies VB to crush it this week!!!!   – Anna #5


Hi All,

We’re midway through October now and season is in full swing! We recently took down VA Wesleyan and sought revenge against Mary Washington. Two great wins for our program! Between school and practice, the team manages to find ways to spend quality team time together including our annual volleyball formal! Each year the team celebrates an early Halloween together by holding our festive formal. This year we had appearances by Joey Chestnut and a hotdog, two thumbs from spy kids, Jake from State Farm and Flo, Fred and Daphne, and even some tourists.

In addition, we are about to host our final home games this weekend, and I’m super excited for our senior night and sorority night games. For our sorority night game, we will invite all sorority women to attend in hopes of gaining some Gennies support. The chapter that has the most attendees will win our team’s participation in their philanthropic events which usually consist of flag football, pancake breakfasts, or chili cookouts. Its a great way to develop positive relationships on our campus as well as be super involved.

Lots of exciting things happening in October and can’t wait to see what the end of the season holds for us!


Having Fun

Hello people! It’s your favorite blogger back at it again! Currently taking a break from endless studying and homework to have SOME FUN AND WRITE THIS BLOG!! So, this weekend is our off weekend and although we don’t have any games there are a lot of good things going on! Thursday we took the day off but had a pretty sweet team activity. We all spilt up into teams and had instructions to paint a pumpkin! The the winners of this contest get the privilege of ice bathing first after practice (so as you can imagine the stakes were very high). Personally, I am not artistic at all but let me tell ya our team is INSANELY artistic…as you will see below…and I was blown away by the creations that were made. Overall the activity was super fun and a nice team bonding experience:)

Other than pumpkin painting we have been practicing and recovering our bodies for the weeks ahead. I am SO PUMPED for these next few weeks because we have such great competition coming up. Also, when we play in balitomore next weekend my whole family is making the trek to cheer the gennies on (along with a lot of other families!!) So we should have a great fan section!

Sadly, I do have to get back to studying again but this has been a very enjoyable break!! Until next time blog readers!!!

Meg Guignon #3

P.S. Here are some of the pumpkin paintings!!!




And so it begins…

Hello friends!! Al Case checking in here to catch everyone up on my wonderful life at W&L. Classes officially started last Thursday and it’s already been pretty busy for me. I’m taking Genetics, Cognition, Environmental Studies, and Calculus I. I also have a lab to go with my Genetics class and last week we extracted DNA from a crayfish tissue sample. Pretty cool stuff. As of Monday when I turned in all my paperwork, I have officially declared as a Biology and Environmental Studies double major! Woohoo science!!!!! Cognition is also a dope class because it is taught by a visiting Professor who helps out with the volleyball team. Other than classes, I also have a work study at the University Store. It’s super fun to work there as it gives you real retail experience and while you’re at it you get to meet some pretty amazing people 😉 . Wow I don’t know how I didn’t start this blog post out with the fact that I get to live with the one and only Ash Meade in the sorority house this year!! Our room is pretty small so we decided to bunk beds and boy what a time to be alive. I have the bottom bunk for now, but come winter term we’ll switch. Anyways room 213 is a good time with plenty of Zone bars and Candy corn pumpkins to go around! Alright I saved the best part for last— VOLLEYBALLLLLLLL. Hype. The season has been going great so far! We are currently 11-1 and my favorite match so far was probably our win versus Eastern because they were ranked 17th and we all came together to play our own systems very well. Our goal this season is to focus on “this match”, meaning we’re going to emphasize winning just the match we’re playing in at the moment. I think it’s been really helpful in keeping us motivated and driven on and off the court! It’s insane how much everyone has already improved since the beginning of preseason, and I am SO excited for the rest of the season to continue. Also during the season a personal goal of mine is to rank each hotel waffle that we visit during away weekends. So far the waffle from Sleep Inn in Birmingham, Alabama takes the cake. Stay tuned for more waffle updates. In summary, classes are great, my job at the store is lit, Ash Meade is a wonderful bunkmate, and I love volleyball (and food). The End.

2017-09-04 10.03.37

Captain squad for the season! 

2017-09-02 11.33.29 HDR

The sexy sophs ARE BACK PEOPLE

2017-08-17 19.54.26

This is the cleanest Room 213 will ever be.

Hey friends!!

My name is Leah (hope all of y’all know that by now haha.) So a lot of things have happened in the past two weeks as I’m sure you’re all aware! All the frosh got moved into our dorms which was very tiring but also rewarding because all our rooms are absolutely adorable.(: Here are a few pics of mine if you haven’t seen it yet!

After we got settled in, practices got started up. I’m not going to lie- I would’ve been completely lost if our wonderful coaches hadn’t made each of us very handy dandy binders with schedules of the preseason weeks lying ahead of us already planned out. Knowing where we were supposed to be at every time of the day definitely created a great structure for the frosh to get accustomed to which will hopefully prepare us for the “college experience,” as the kids call it nowadays.

The first few days were definitely tough as we all got back in the swing of things, but the D-Hall Captain Crunch, Matty Bobby’s treatments, and our required naps helped to keep us going. We did all kinds of fun things like swimming workouts (pic below) and yoga sessions.

IMG_8166 2

We’ve met a lot of great friends and have seen it all (like the freshmen field hockey girls piercing their ears in the Gaines Game Room…not the move). Then we got all dolled up for our headshots! Here’s a pic of me and fellow frosh Brynne looking very excited to be repping Generals Blue!

IMG_8154 2

We finished this day with a wonderful dinner at Coach’s house full of great food and even better company. The next morning was our first and last official scrimmage before our annual Blue and White scrimmage. We played 4 very competitive sets and both sides pulled out 2 of the 4 victories. Here’s some great action shots caught by the lovely Taylor Gibson:


Throughout the rest of the week- we laughed, we cried (well only Ash but we’ll let that one go hahaha), and we really bonded as a team. Every year, the frosh are in charge of performing a skit for the rest of the team- and I’m just gonna go ahead and say it- 2017 Frosh were by far the best performers I think this team, and maybe even this school, has ever seen. If you click through the slideshow below you’ll see some lovely snapshots of our puppet show and dance practice for our great performance. If you want to see the full video you can shoot me a text and I’ll be happy to send it to you! (407)-718-4881.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And now it was Blue and White Scrimmage Day!!!!!!! I must say it was QUITE the match. It was a nail biter 5 setter with a 15-10 finish (GO WHITE!!!!!) Let me tell you- there was sweat, there was blood, there was bruising (peep the seal dive bruise)

IMG_8157 2

but most importantly-  there was victory for everyone! I’m gonna go out on a limb and say we all got MORE than 1% better! Peep the team photos:

What a good looking squad amiright? The day finished with a little team bonding at Viq’s house and all of our lovely little heads hitting our pillows hard after a hard first week of preseason. Well, that’s all I’ve got folks! Stay tuned to see what happens as we enter into our first 2 weeks of matches!!!!!

Much love, Many laughs, and as always, Go Gennies.

-#1, Leah Green