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Back and Better Than Ever

Classes just started last week, and I am in for a crazy semester. I’m taking organic chemistry and genetics together. In other words, my home will be the library for the next few months. A have a nice study place on the third floor (where I am writing this right now actually!). Although this semester will prove challenging, I’m excited to see what I am capable of achieving!

I’ve been living in my new apartment for about a week now. When we arrived back on campus in mid-August, one of the sets of Woods Creeks Apartments was still in the process of renovation. I lived in Woods Creek West temporarily while the renovations were completed in Woods Creek East. The wait was definitely worth it! The new apartment has all new appliances, flooring, and furniture. The move was frustrating after already being on campus for two weeks, but I’m happy to be living in a nicer place.

I included a few pictures below of some activities we’ve done on campus so far. Meg is holding a sign we made for the football team. Normally, every year we attend at least one football game. This year, however, our schedules always conflicted. Instead of attending a game, we made the football team two signs to show our support. We delivered them at the beginning of one of their team practices.

Kiki #10


First week of Freshman Year!!

Helloooooo people, its Lindy and this is my first blog post. I have so far been on campus for a week now and its so amazing. I’ve gotten to experience D-Hall (highly recommend the gluten free pasta @riley), the Gaines game room (too lit), and preseason. Everyday we have practice in the am at 8 and its full of drills and tons of 6 on 6. Its so fun and especially for the freshman it is really helpful because we all are slowly learning the different volleyball systems. Some fun things that we have gotten to do so far with the team is go to I-hop, go on team Walmart drives, and get the amazing “ball massages.”

Tomorrow the pre-o freshman move in and I am SO excited because I can’t wait to meet everyone and make tons of new friends. The only sad thing about this is that because all the people moving in tomorrow have pre-o trips, I won’t get to see many of them this next week.

Since this is my first blog post I thought I’d also talk a little bit about what I did this summer. I graduated May 20th, and during June I got to go on a family vacation around eastern Europe and a safari camp in Botswana. Let me just tell you the scenery while I was doing my workouts were fantastic, even though the locations that I did them were often very unconventional (i.e the middle of a park in London). While I was there, I also learned so much about eastern European art and history which was amazing.

In July, I got gum surgery and so unfortunately I had to take 2 weeks off of workouts so I could let my mouth recover, but now I am all good. I also spent countless hours dorm room shopping and just hanging out with my friends and family before I would end up here in Lexvegas!!

Anyways, can’t wait for even more blog posts to come in the future

Lindy #9


My family and I in Botswana

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My friends and me at the beach!!

“The Kiss” my favorite piece of art I saw this summer.


My Family pre ATV ride


Val, Carson and me (not pictured Hannah) my fellow frosh in front of gaines


Frosh before the swim test (we all passed)



Team trip to I-Hop featuring Greer and Madeline, not pictured my 5 stack of pancakes…


DHALL (featuring val and her sandwich )



Hello W&L volleyball fans, alumni and friends!

Elly Cosgrove here. My blog post happened to fall on the first day of preseason practice (which was filled with all kinds of hype-ness might I add)! We have 19 players in the gym this year and the energy and talent are both just unreal. So excited to see what’s in store for us this season. Also props to the coaches for recruiting all my best friends (so happy to be reunited).

I also thought I might fill everyone in on my summer since that just ended less than a week ago. I am a business journalism major (essentially a dual major), and I worked for two American City Business Journals (ACBJ) this summer. I worked for the Charlotte Business Journal and the SportsBusiness Journal (which is a national sports business publication). I had a great experience with both publications although they were very different. The Charlotte Business Journal obviously had a more local feel to it and I was going out for interviews rather than sitting at my desk. I interviewed executives at the Charlotte Hornets, several local officials and many, many business owners throughout the city. I got over 20 bylines, including one HUGE cover story! The cover story ended up being about 2,000 words-ish total (it was about the trucking industry). Because the SportsBusiness Journal is a national publication I did all of my interviews over the phone.  I interviewed professional team executives (MLB, NHL, WNBA, MLS), professional athletes, league execs and execs at large sports companies like Adidas. Overall it was just an incredible experience. I got several large bylines there as well including a diversity and inclusion spread.

I only had about a week of summer at home, but it was well spent! It was filled with beach time, watermelon, fish and family!  (What more could a girl want?)

Can’t wait for day two tomorrow! Hope everyone is following our insta account to see the awesome things we achieve this year!


-Elly Cosgrove

A.k.a. SUZ, El Cosgrove, Flames, Cosgrove


My last day at the Charlotte Business Journal!!


The team with Matty Bobby’s baby Cole!


Mollie with this year’s t-shirt!!! Please buy one! They are only $12 and they look great!

FullSizeR (5)

Just me and my watermelon at Carolina Beach.

FullSizeR (6)

Two fish that we caught right before leaving for school. One is a Spanish mackerel and the other is a king mackerel.


Almost time for preseason!!

Hi everyone!! It’s Carson here. I hope everyone’s summer has been very fun and relaxing. Mine definitely has! Here’s a little summary of what I did;

After graduating, my best friends and I went to my beach house in Avalon, NJ for about a week. We went to the beach a lot and jet skied.

After that, some of my friends from my club team came to Avalon and we played in a beach tournament in Brigantine, NJ (about 45 minutes from Avalon). I assumed combining my two favorite things (volleyball and the beach) would be great, but it was incredibly windy and given that we were beach vball rookies, it didn’t go too well. Regardless, we had a ton of fun and hopefully it works out next time!!

The next week, we had the camp which made me so excited to start school! All of us frosh found our rooms and it turns out Hannah and I are two doors away! @hannah we are going to have the best time ever 🙂

Right after I returned home from the camp, my family and I went to Europe. This was by far the best trip I have ever been on because we went to Paris, Positano, and Santorini which were all beautiful. Some highlights of the trip were doing a segway tour in Paris, the stray cats in Italy, seeing the hill of white houses in Oia, Santorini, and the food in… well, everywhere!

Since then all I have really done is play volleyball and buy things for my dorm room. I am so excited to be back in Lex and with all of you!!

See y’all soon! (hehe already practicing my southern slang)

-Carson #7


Hi friends!

I’ll tell you a little bit about my summer. I just finished my internship in Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley. It was awesome. I loved my coworkers. They were so helpful and willing to teach me. I really enjoyed working around people that were so smart. The financial industry is fascinating, and this internship definitely peaked my interest.

Currently, I’m in Hawaii with my family for vacation. It’s beautiful! We’ve had an incredible time so far, and still have a few days left. I did yoga on the beach with my dad this morning and it was probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Makes me grateful that I’m still flexible.

But, soon I’ll be getting my tonsils taken out. Recovery will not be fun, but hey, that means more time being able to play and less time laying in bed on antibiotics.

Can’t believe preseason is less than a month away!!!! Exciting times!!


-Greer #6


Here’s some pics from our trip:)


Summer Research In LexVegas

Not sure how this worked out, but my blog post coincided PERFECTLY with the conclusion of my research on campus! I’ve spent the past six weeks at W&L doing engineering and structural health monitoring research in the campus parking garage. And don’t worry, the beams we monitored are perfectly safe in terms of flexural strength and vertical displacement, but if you want the entire 20-minute presentation please feel free to ask me about it anytime because I high-key enjoy talking about it.

Without going into too much detail, my research group spent a lot of time using different gauges on the beams that make up the third floor on the parking garage. We got to wear some really fashionable safety gear (see picture 1), climbed some ladders to glue our gauges to the beams (see picture 2), and I had the personal honor of directing my professor on where to drive her car over the beams (see picture 3). I ended up enjoying this research a whole lot, wayyyyy more than I expected going into it. It was the perfect balance of physical work and data analyzation, and my research group got along really well! Luckily we get to continue it this fall.

In terms of Lexington in the summer, I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun it was! I had the most epic view out of my room from my apartment in third year (see picture 4), the football field was literally outside my door to do conditioning workouts (see my artsy picture 5), and I got to go float the Maury and visit Panther Falls multiple times. AND I even got lunch with Taylor a few times so win-win-win over here.

Although I’m back home right now I CANNOT WAIT for next weekend because CAMP!!!!!! AND THEN PRESEASON VERY SOON I CAN’T WAIT. Only slightly hype if you couldn’t tell.

Thanks for reading!!!!!! -Anna #5



I have never been this excited for school to start

Hey everyone!

First incoming frosh here!! My name is Val and I am from Draper, Utah (which is about 20 mins outside of Salt Lake and just a couple hours from some of Utah’s finest national parks).  

This summer, besides working out (of course), I have two jobs.  I work at a dog kennel where I get to play with dogs! They are all so cute (peep picture below).  I also have started working at a fancy restaurant as a hostess/busser where all of the kitchen staff speak Spanish and talk about me and laugh and it drives me crazy but it makes the job fun!

In July, aside from camp (which I am so freaking excited for I can’t write too much about it or it’ll just be me saying how excited I am over and over), we are taking a family vacation to Alaska and will probably get to hike a lot and see a glacier but other than that, I’m not really sure what we’re going to do.

Other than that scattered intro, I am SUPER excited for camp and then preseason and I feel like summer is going waaay too slow!!!  Normally, I feel like summer is too short but this year, I absolutely cannot wait to move across the country and start my adventure in Lex Vegas!!


Family at wedding in NJ this past weekend!


“Hobart” –  goldendoodle


Bryce Canyon National Park


Me & some friends at graduation!!

Catch y’all later,

Valerie Sokolow #4