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Finals !! woohoo!


It’s finals week!! That means tailbones hurting from too much time in the same chair, randomly falling asleep in the middle of studying with your economics study group and Leah having to throw a folder at you to wake you up (tip: never study on a couch. Couches are for napping tables/desks are for studying) and other shenanigans. Even though I’m a little tired, finals are actually some of the most interesting weeks of the year. It’s funny the things I find myself doing while trying to avoid studying. Today I finally found the gorgeous spot that looks out over the poles while running away from my macroeconomics practice problems! Also, I have done so much cleaning and laundry this week my room is absolutely spotless. Also, the weather this week has kept up with my funny mood, flipping from snow one day to gorgeous and sunny the next, so wild… I LOVE it. Anyways, this week is a time when everyone is stressed so people just are overly nice and considerate all the time because you never know how close someone is to a little breakdown, just as I had today when someone mentioned that they had Kaite Volk’s graduation gown and thinking about Katie graduating brought me slightly to tears in the middle of dhall. In the end though, finals are always followed by something very fun to look forward to like Spring break!! So all you gotta do is take as many power naps as possible and remember to go eat in dhall so you can magically run into the entire volleyball team who will give you a hug without even asking.

Riley Haralson #23


Happy Easter!!


First, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and also Happy April Fool’s day!  The weather in Lexington has been beautiful and it is starting to feel like Spring!  Today I have been able to have brunch with my friends and enjoy my free time until finals come.  The past two weeks have been jam-packed! Last weekend was Fancy Dress which is an annual event put on by students where they completely transform the Warner Center and everyone gets dressed up to go to this dance.  It’s basically college prom but way more fun!! I had a blast hanging with all my volleyball pals and I loved seeing everyone and their dates! Once we got the gym back, we were able to finish our last week of Spring practice.  We ended on a high note, and I feel like the team has made so many improvements since season.  So everyone watch out for next season because we are PUMPED!  Just ask the football team!  On our last day of practice, we scrimmaged the football team (a fun tradition that happens every year) and they tried their bests, but sadly got creamed.  It was a great positive relations event and a great way to end our Spring season.

This upcoming week is the last week of classes until finals.  I know everyone will be super busy with homework, but luckily Spring Break is only two weeks away!

Madeline Ferguson #21


Swinging through Spring

Spring season is in full swing and we are definitely back into the rhythm of practices now! We are getting better and better with every practice, and much stronger with every lift #beastmode. When we’re not working hard in the gym, we still love to hang out with each other! Just last weekend, my lifting group (Meg, Allison, and I) played an intense game of racquetball—if you haven’t seen our vlog of it, please go check out the Instagram now (@generalsvb)!!

A lot of fun happenings have been going on the last couple of weekends, too! There have been numerous formals, our team volunteered to work at the track meet this past weekend, and I’ve been to a swing dancing ball and a wedding the past two weekends (see pics below) … it’s been a blast! As we look forward to next weekend, the whole team is pretty excited because Fancy Dress is just around the corner! For those of you who don’t know, Fancy Dress is essentially college prom, so we get dolled up to dance the night away. Apparently, the decorations for the evening are extravagant, so much so that we can only practice Monday and Tuesday this week to give the committee time to set up for the event that’s held in the gym!

This semester has about three weeks left, and we will continue to work hard as we get closer to our season next fall. Thank you all for your support and encouragement to the Generals Volleyball program, we appreciate you!

Courtney Berry #20


Hello blogollowers (see my last post for definition)!!

Ashleigh Meade here 🙂 and I’m currently writing this blog post from the comforts of a giant Lovesac in Leyburn Library, if this isn’t the definition of thriving then I don’t know what is! It has been quite an eventful week here on campus but the biggest talk of the town has been about the return of VOLLEYBALL SPRING SEASON!! Yes folks, you heard it here first! The best time of Winter Term has arrived! We are 4 LIT practices in with 12 more HYPE ones to go! It is clear how hard everyone has been working this off season because we started off this spring season better than ever. It’s SOOO great to be out on the court balling out with all of the pals again as we continue to push ourselves to achieve our off season goals!

Along with the constant state of happiness that accompanies spring season, Allie Case (aka Fire//my roommate//bestie) and I volunteered this Saturday for Nabors Service Day. Nabors Service Day is an event dedicated to volunteering in the Lexington and Rockbridge County communities. Allie and I both volunteered at Project Horizon trimming (thorny) bushes and pulling weeds. Oh and did I mention they trusted US with POWER TOOLS… needless to say we both peaked! We had a great morning giving back to the community and only a few fingers were scratched in the process! #winwin

Please enjoy this exclusive inside look at Allie slaying this monstrous (did I mention thorny??) bush:

power toolssss

We ended our day supporting our fellow Generals on the baseball team! We had a solid squad of volleyball, women’s basketball, and field hockey players at this weekends games! Did somebody say Positive Relations??? or was that just me basking in the glory that is Generals Athletics… because I do that a lot 🙂

Here is another fun pic depicting what one would simply describe as a good ole time at a W&L baseball game:

bball game

Welp that about sums it up! Adios for now trustee readers hope you guys are #THRIVING in Lovesacs too!

Peace and blessings,

Cash Meade


Feb Break

Hey Y’all!

It’s Kaitlyn here! (injured soph) The Generals have been on a grind these past few weeks. On top of midterms, we have been crushing it in the weight room and the frosh had their first Hulk (they grow up so fast!). Open gyms are going amazing, The level of play is super high, it’s so great to watch! We all get the week off for our bodies to recover then are back at it next week:) I am going to NYC for a networking finance trip that I am super pumped about. Four days straight of networking and exploring the cool city. I won’t go so far as to get an I love NYC t-shirt but I am definitively going to be hitting up all the touristy places!

Peace, love and blessings,

Kaitlyn #14

Formal Szn

This Winter Term is flying by so quickly! We’re already a third of the way done with classes, but it feels like we just started. Last week I officially declared my major (woohoo Accounting!!! So exciting) and this week is the beginning of midterms, meaning the traffic in the library is starting to pick up.  In terms of volleyball, we may be out of season, but we’re just as involved as ever!! We’ve been staying in shape and making gains in the weight room and on the court. We lift and/or condition every day with open gyms sprinkled in every few days, which are so much fun. We’ll start spring season in a few weeks, and I’m sure the blogosphere will hear about it then!

This past weekend was my sorority formal where we took a bus to a rented out venue in Charlottesville, and everyone had a great time! Here’s a (not great quality, I apologize) picture of some of the volleyball squad that night. img_1483-2.jpg

Well that’s all I have for now, so I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite pictures from this week: sunset photos sent to me by friends, Courtney Berry included, because they know those are my favorite!!!

-Mollie Ray #13


Getting into the swing of things!

Hi Everyone!!!

We have had a very cold first and second week of school. Yesterday, we woke up to snow which was very exciting! I posted a picture below of the snow covering the tennis courts and sorority row. We also started our off-season lifting and conditioning with our groups as well as open gyms this week which I love because I get to see my awesome teammates almost everyday again!

This winter term I am also taking racquetball for one of my PE requirements with Anna Soroka! Our last PE class was so much fun because we were able to play around with each other and get a feel for the court and racquet. We also threw in some seal dives while playing…volleyball instinct I guess. 🙂

So far my classes are going great, but I am still trying to get in the rhythm of managing my time between classes, lifts, open gyms, and homework. It’s kinda hard to believe that after this semester I will be about halfway done with college!

Hope everyone is staying warm in this cold weather!

Allison #12