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Good to Feel Sore Again!

Hello Everybody!!

After what seems like an eternity of not being able to condition (due to a concussion and an annoying case of mono) I am finally able to work out again! I have never in my life felt so happy to be sore. Although it was a joy to watch my teammates become so much stronger in this offseason I am SO EXCITED that I can finally participate. Although I haven’t played in a while being able to play during open gyms is a BLESSING.

Along with being able to workout again we are in the midst of winter term. This semester I am taking many classes I would never usually take. For example my Intro to Film class is my favorite class so far and I never knew that I would like it so much! Also, my Art History class is challenging but I am enjoying it more than i thought I would. So far the semester is going great!


Megglez (still unsure how i feel about this nickname @milldog)


A picture of me right after I conditioned for the first time


3 Goofballs


Just a couple of lovely ladies I know :)

Greetings from Copenhagen

Hello friends and family! I am so excited to update you all on my trip to Copenhagen! For those who don’t know, I am studying abroad for the semester in Copenhagen, Denmark, which is near Sweden and Germany.  I have been here for 2 weeks, although I just started classes last Thursday.

I live in an apartment with all DIS students (people in the same program as me) and my roommates are pretty awesome! We have been exploring the city together and eating all the food we can find, although we are still on the hunt for a good delivery pizza place. I am extremely lucky that there is a gym right across the street to do our volleyball workouts. One of my roommates also plays soccer, so it has been awesome to have a workout friend!

Everyone in Copenhagen speaks Danish (and fluent English) and all the signs and products are in Danish, so grocery stores and gym were a problem at the beginning.  My friends and I wanted to buy soda and ended up accidentally getting some juice concentrate instead.  Needless to say, it tasted disgusting. The gym locker rooms are also in Danish, so trying to figure one where I should change was also a bit of a challenge.

Here are some touristy pictures I’ve taken!


This is Nyhavn aka the colorful houses of Copenhagen.  It is a very pretty view and a huge tourist attraction, so obviously I had to visit during my first week there.


This is called Rosenborg Castle. It is a beautiful landmark in the center of Copenhagen. The gardens are often filled with people in the warmer months. We stopped by here on a scavenger hunt that our program set up for us.  I believe that day was the coldest I have ever been. Even the Danes said they considered it to be cold.


I have a visiting host family that I meet up with once a month to hang out and get to know more about Danish culture. They have a younger son and daughter and a dog. They made me a strawberry crumble cake, then we went on a walk to explore the area. This is the beach right behind their house. Afterwards they made me a lovely traditional Danish meal.


This is the glass market, which is a beautiful building that has vendors selling local goods, from meats and cheeses to wines and oils.  They also have vendors that sell food for lunch.  That is where I got my smorrebrod.


These are smorrebrod, which are open faced sandwiches. They are very popular in Denmark. I forgot to take a picture of the one I bought – I was too hungry.


On Wednesday my art class went on a field trip to the botanical gardens. It was gorgeous and I was happy to see some greenery after mostly grey clouds and snow.


This is a classic Danish hotdog.  It has ketchup, mustard, a danish sauce, pickles, fried onions, and obviously sausage.  It has been by far my favorite thing! I’ve already had two in the last week.

I miss all of you and hope you guys are having an amazing semester!






Guess who’s back? Back again…


Hello Internet!

It’s my turn to be back in the blogosphere, and I wanted to share with you guys my first week of class! We started back up again this past Monday and I am so AMPED about my schedule this term. As a psychology major, I loaded up with social psychology, developmental psychopathology, and applications of psychological science. So as to not overwhelm myself with the wonders that is psychology, I balanced those out with intro to logic, of which the Professor used to be Assistant Coach Taylor Gibson’s old advisor (small world!!!!!!). So far, so good. Although my days consistently start early (I have 8ams everyday), they also end early, as I am finished with both class and work study by 1:30 every afternoon. Not only did I get to experience a week of new classes, I got to cap it off with a weekend of new experiences! I attended the APPLE Conference in Charlottesville, Virginia with Coach Taylor and my pal Clem from the soccer team. We learned all about substance abuse programs and how to address the wellbeing of athletes that can applied to our own campus. On top of that, when I returned we started open gym and team lifting. It was so much fun to finally be able to touch. Volleyball again with all of my teammates and get this off season going to a great start! Here are some pictures from the Apple Conference!

Here’s a picture of the ballroom we spent the whole weekend in, the photobooth that Clem and I abused, and a picture of our “Apple Team” in which I got to don an apple costume!

More fun to come!

Pce, luv, vball




Christmas in the Sand

Hi friends!!

Hello from the other side (of the country)! Winter Break in California is my favorite! It’s sunny, beautiful, and warm (well, most of the time.) Because of El Nino, the weather has been colder over here than it is in Virginia so I’m learning to adjust… Christmas was wonderful, despite the freezing windy weather we had in the desert. We always have Christmas at my house and it was awesome having family all together to celebrate. However, since both my brothers are now married, each year they trade off spending Christmas with either our family or with their in-laws and this year, only one of my brothers could spend Christmas Day with us at home. So, the day after Christmas, my family drove up for a mini-vacation to San Luis Obispo to visit my brother and his wife, and my other brother and his wife drove to meet us there as well. Even if it was only for three hours, we had the whole family back together once again and were able to spend some time together and open gifts from each other. It’s always the best time when we get all four siblings in one place, and although it is rare now with us all over the country, it’s always great to get together and see them. My sister, parents, and I stayed an extra two days after in San Luis Obispo to hike, go to the beach, and explore downtown SLO (both my parents went to college there so they wanted to see the changes in the town since they were there). The beach was perfect- I never really get to see the Central Coast of California (I usually stay down in SoCal) so it was slightly different (and colder) than what I was used to, but was absolutely beautiful. And the hike we did was fun and the views were awesome- despite getting lost like 3 times on our way up the mountain. Anyways, Break has been wonderful  and spending time with family is always a happy time. But I am getting anxious to get back to Lex, because that means that Off-Season workouts and Open Gyms start back up and I’m pumped to see everyone again and get back working hard in the gym. Hope everyone else is having a relaxing and fun Break as well! See you guys later :)



The beautiful beach

205So pumped to try out my new shoes in the Gennies offseason!213Siblings all together again-My little sister just got her letterman’s jacket for making Varsity as a freshman, so Mom had to take a commemorative photo of us four230Made it to the top of the mountain!177 My attempt at a W&L sugar cookie… We didn’t have a cookie cutter for this shape :(


A Wonderful Time of Year

One of the best parts about W&L is the honor system and self-scheduled exams. Students have a week to take their exams, but they decide when to take them. There are two three hour periods a day. It’s a wonderful system, especially if you’re like me and chicken out of taking your super hard history exam. I was going to take it last Saturday, but instead I could wait until Monday morning. Finals are always stressful, but being in control of your schedule makes it just a little better.

I was pretty lucky this year since I only had two finals, a project, and a paper. I was able to get them done early and drive home Tuesday (many friends are just getting home now). But I promise I haven’t been lying on the couch with my pets the entire time everyone has been taking exams. I got recruited to work at a family friend’s retail shop. The Cottage Shop sells fancy gifts for every occasion. A lot of brides will come in to register and pick out their china patterns. It’s been super busy with Christmas shoppers, and I’ve been wrapping all of their presents. I would definitely consider myself an expert gift wrapper. I recently had to wrap over 80 shortbread tins. Have you ever tried to wrap round metal tins of cookies with wrapping paper? It’s not easy, and I don’t recommend

But the holidays aren’t all work and no play. There has been plenty of time for puppy and cat snuggles—and of course, holiday celebrations with friends and family. Holiday parties and oyster roasts are always a hit. The food is also amazing. My Mom buys peppermint ice cream and we make Christmas cookies and pumpkin bread. It is definitely one of the most wonderful times of the year.


Took a study break to make peppermint bark with my friend Elizabeth


Took a study break to make peppermint bark with my friend Elizabeth

Happy Holidays!


Christmas is coming!!!!!

Hello blogosphere, it’s Milldawg

It is that time of year again. Between Christmas weekend, finals week, and the count down until break it is quite an exciting time here at W&L.  Although I will be deeply saddened to leave dear Graham Lees for the next 3 weeks I am super excited to get home and see my family.  For break I will be hanging out in Greensboro the majority of time with a extended family trip to our cabin and some time on the mountain hitting the slopes with the fam.

Leyburn has been packed this week and it is often nearly impossible to find a table.  Once finals are over I think I will be a little more relaxed and perhaps off the struggle bus. (@vkaz)  However, we did have a wonderful team movie night watching Inside OutIMG_0580.

Here is a pic of my roommate and I in our onesies over Christmas Weekend.  Forewarning, wearing converse under a onesie is a very slippery endeavor.


Peace, Luv, and Lots of Turkey

Hello W&L Volleyball Blog Readers,

Elly Cosgrove here with my second blog post ever.  It is Thanksgiving today (a.k.a. my favorite holiday) and I could not be more happy.  I am currently writing this post by propping my laptop on the food baby I have received through the over-consumption of delicious food.

This Thanksgiving break was the first time I have been home in three months, so I am very happy to be home and with family.  For actual Thanksgiving day, my mom’s side of the family gathered at Bald Head Island for a day of food, family, love, and of course thanks giving.  For our Thanksgiving meal, we had lots of turkey, butter beans, corn, stuffing, cranberry salad, sweet potato casserole, collard greens, and chocolate cake.  Now I have lots of leftovers to bring back to W&L with me (thank you grandma).

This break has been great thus far, but I am looking forward to being back on our beautiful campus at Washington and Lee.

UNIL NEXT TIME!  Over and out.

-Elly Cosgrove

Panthers football, delicious food, and family make for a great Thanksgiving!


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