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CHRISTMAS!! (from stl)

SANTA CAME THIS MORNING!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas from the Guignon household. I am reporting live with veteran present opener, Jane Guignon, sitting to my left. A direct quote: “It takes skill and precision to become this good at opening gifts.” Here we do not start opening presents until the pm because we are the ultimate bums. We woke up around 12 and had lunch before we even looked into the family room. Shoutout to Amy (mother dearest) for being the best present giver/wrapper/brunch maker!!!

I’d say beside the all the bomb presents we received the highlight of the day/afternoon was our annual scratch-off stocking presents. My dad lovingly gives each child a couple of scratch-offs to see if we can win him the big bucks!!! We won seven dollars and another scratch-off ticket! Can you say score???

My trusty steed, Jane Guignon, veteran present opener, has told me “thats good enough.” But I know my readers want more so I will leave you all with my families beautiful faces. Roast some chestnuts on an open fire and all that jazz. Happiest holidays to all the avid blog fans (@coach) you are the real mvps.


A lovely picture taken an hour ago curtesy of the timer camera.

Quote from veteran present opener, Jane Guignon “It looks like my face is floating” (she is middle back)


All the cousins semi-cooperating for a gorgeous picture.

Quote from veteran present opener, Jane Guignon “No comment, I look amazing.” (she is again middle back)


Meg #3

The Final(s) Countdown

Hello hello!! It’s Al reporting live from the extremely comfortable futon that I always fall asleep on in my room. To be fair, I’m not trying to climb the ladder of my lofted bed just to take a nap, okay? It was the last day of classes on Friday, and I would say I had a great first term here at good ole W&L! Except for calculus. I’m not even going to go into detail how much distain I have for that class because it is definitely NOT WORTH MY TIME. I really loved Marine Biology, learning about sharks and coral reefs and penguins all year was LIT. Somehow I survived history class even though I fell asleep almost every day (sorry Professor Patch) due to what I believe to be is a mild form of narcolepsy. Clearly my extensive background in medicine and neurological conditions supports this claim. And then my bio lab and French went good, nothing too eventful in there!

Now it’s time for finals!!! I’m honestly just excited to move on to winter term, and also to go home for Christmas! I miss my dogs a lot! There is apparently a de-stress finals event this Wednesday for finals and you KNOW I will be there for the maximum amount of time possible. I should probably go read my book for history now, I’ve taken 3 naps today and there is a lot to be done! Yay finals. Wish me luck everybody, cheers to never having to look at a frickin derivative or integral again until next year’s calc. Blugh.

Here are some random highlights of my life:

On the left, this was the first food I got back home from Thanksgiving Break, this will be the same thing for Christmas Break. I love food. So much. Also, typical Al with the headband and vball swag. Look at how cute my little snuggle bug is (featuring Mama Case)!!!!!

Pics from Christmas Weekend. Fun fact, sweaters that light up get very hot easily and dancing all night with Mollie was quite the fun, but sweaty night. Then on the weekend, it was formal events and I got to get all dressed up with Ash! Weird not seeing us in sweats, right?


Al “Zone Bar Addict” Case

The Amazing Race: WLUVB Edition

Hello friends!!!!

Currently blogging from beautiful Southern California (SO happy to be home for Thanksgiving Break) but man, do I have a story for ya as to how I eventually got here.

Sooo, all last week I had been super pumped to A) get home and see family but also B) because I got to travel with my teammate, Allison, for the first time and I couldn’t wait to finally have a fellow L.A.-travelling buddy. On Friday, I was about to go pick her up from her dorm to head to D.C., where our plane was flying out of, when my car decided it was prime time to stop working. We already were on a bit of a time crunch since we were leaving after classes, so this wasn’t the best timing to have to wait for someone to come jump start my car. But anyways- this was probably the least of our troubles to start. After Public Safety came and jump-started my car (Thank GOODNESS for Campus Safety), we headed off to D.C. However, we soon ran into horrendous traffic in Harrisonburg and realized that there was no way in the world we would make our flight on time if we sat in that traffic. After like 8,000 phone calls to our parents, we decided the best thing would be to take a random exit I was about to pass, in order to bypass the traffic. We sat in a little more traffic there, but ended up COMPLETELY missing the ridiculous bumper-to-bumper traffic we had originally been in.

Okay so by now, you’re probably like woohoo, they’re good to go. But actually, even with finally bypassing most of the traffic, we were still most likely not going to make our flight. We made about 7,000 more phone calls and decided we were going to try to switch our flights to a later time. For some reason,  it was going to cost over $1,000 to switch flights. After calling my loving father about it, he told me that I didn’t have an option and needed to make my original flight… Soooo, as we’re haulin’ it on the freeway in my ~super reliable~ car, we made a bunch more phone calls- and let me tell ya, Allison Webb is a hero talking on both our phones to many different people- we decided there was no way we were going to be able to park in the parking garage, take the airport shuttle (which only runs every 30 min), and then get through security to make the flight. So, my brother (from CA) somehow arranged a Lyft driver for us to pick us up right when we got to the parking garage and take us to our terminal. (Right when we arrived at the parking garage, she was basically waiting there for us so that was awesome). Again, I bet you’re thinking, yaaay they’ve done it. But theeeen, after telling our Lyft driver (from Compton- so a fellow Californian), that our flight was already boarding at that time, she decided she was going to help us get there quickly, so she floors her little Yaris STRAIGHT into a massive curb, completely destroying the front of her car. We had to pull over and check on it, but for some reason, she didn’t think her car was all that damaged (despite literally running over the front bumper on the way out of the parking garage)… So we kept going anyways and she got us to our terminal. Thank goodness Allison and I are collegiate athletes fresh out of season, because we BOOKED it through that terminal, rapidly got through security (which miraculously had no line), and sprinted to our gate JUST IN TIME to board (they were boarding the last few people). We showed up profusely sweating (which is a look our teammates are used to) but most of the people on that plane were pretty concerned with our state of being. However, I have no idea how we did it but we made our flight and are both safely in California now with family. 🙂

Anyways, it was a pretty crazy day/night getting home, but I’m happy to be back with family and even more thankful I had a teammate with me through it all. I can’t imagine going through that alone and Allison was the best travel partner I could’ve had to help navigate through traffic, call like 20 different people, sprint through the airport with, and just keep me company/make me laugh during the stressful time. Season is sadly over, but the excitement of WLUVB clearly never ends. 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week and that it isn’t as insane as Allison and my travel day was!

From So-Cal with love,



1,000 Kills, 500 Wins, and 3 Seniors Crying

Hey y’all!

The Gennies are currently in route to my favorite state of Georgia to kick butt in Atlanta. Even though Atlanta is about four hours from my home in Savannah, I always look forward to being back in my favorite Southern state. Yes, the eight hour bus ride can be a struggle, but the competition at Emory is always awesome. This year we will also play Berry College, Susquehanna Univeristy, and Clarkson University. It’s going to be a great way to end the regular season and get ready for the ODAC tournament next week. I am so excited to just ball out with these 18 weirdos (Taylor and Coach included) currently on the bus with me.

These past weeks have been super busy for the team. Not only have we played a lot volleyball, but some pretty cool people have done some amazing things. Fellow senior and Middle Blocker, Kenzie Shand broke the school record in career blocks AND scored her 1,000 kill!!!! While numbers will never come close to defining her contributions to this program, it’s still a huge accomplishment (proud middie moment).


Even though she’s a beast on the court, she’s still afraid of butterflies

Also Coach Snyder got his 500th career win last weekend against Penn State Harrisburg! It’s a great accomplishment, but it’s also a little weird to think about. When I was a freshman we celebrated his 450th win. I remember talking to Kenzie and Cudi about how we’d be here for his 500th. So glad we could squeeze it in before we graduated. Of course, freshman year was back when the three of us were young and full of energy. Now we are seniors who are being forced to prepare for adulthood.

A huge reminder of that fact was Senior Night on Tuesday. We cruised past Hollins, but the night meant so much more than the numbers on the scoreboard. The team decorated the locker room with streamers (you know we have tall freshmen when streamers can be hung on the ceiling) and balloons. They also made us wonderful scrapbooks with the sweetest notes in them. Kenzie nicknamed it the book of tears, because they turned all of us into a puddle. I will always cherish it as one of the many reminders of this amazing program.

Since this is my last blog post, I have to give a shameless plug for those recruits reading this blog. (Mainly because I’m a history major and I love analyzing the past…) I used to me in your shoes: reading these slightly crazy blog posts trying to decide whether or not to commit to play at W&L. I even flipped a coin. Honestly, deciding to play here was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I could not be happier. What you will get out of this program is so much more than the opportunity to play your favorite sport for four more years. Not only will you get the world’s best support system throughout your college experience, you’ll also get friendships that will last a life time.

But enough sappy stuff. We may be ending our regular season this weekend, but we are super pumped to start ODAC play! As Coach always says: “We’ve got a lot more volleyball left!”

Always proud to be a General,

Dubs #21

“Fall”eyball Term

Hello blogtopia

(yes this is a reference to Zootopia, Al and I just saw it, 10/10 recommend)

This is Ashleigh Meade (#15) coming at you live from the Gennies win bus. I am a first year  from Bristow, Virginia.

Gennies volleyball has been hot, hot, hot lately and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

We just had reading days last week, which means we didn’t have class on Thursday and Friday, and everyone is feeling hot to trot after those crucial extra hours of sleep. First I would like to give a shoutout to my girls for all completing our 3 individuals before reading days, keep up the great work Blue! We have all been working hard in the gym and in the lib, and hard work truly does pay off! We are currently 19-5, and have won our last 3 matches! We are all looking forward to another fun volleyball filled day tomorrow at CNU!

All of us frosh agree that the start to our first fall term has been challenging,h but beyond rewarding. My favorite class by far is my Environmental Studies class with Professor Humston. It is a discussion based class, which means I get to talk about the environment and our effects on it for about 3 hours every week. Let me tell you, I love it! I actually have a debate on Monday about whether or not there should be a complete ban on the hunting of elephants for Ivory, so wish me luck!

A lot of us actually have classes together this term. Four times a week I get to start my mornings off right with the Alli-son in Calc! Then I get to sit next to my boi Anna in Physics, oh and she happens to be the best lab partner around!

I hope that you love this blog as much as I love Washington and Lee, because that would mean you are having a hoot of time! In the meantime please enjoy these pictures of my time spent here so far 🙂


It’s been real!

-“Good Stuff”

Growing Stronger through the season

Hey y’all! My name is Kaitlyn Brock, I am a freshman middle blocker on the team. A little bit about me: I am from Greensboro, North Carolina. I hope to major in Business and Spanish so I am starting off the year taking economics, Spanish and other FDRs. One really cool thing about the school is that they want us to be well rounded so we take classes we would not normally take for our major. So, I am in a scum and villainy literature class. Our homework for Thanksgiving break? We have to watch Star wars…I am loving that class.

So far the season has been going amazing! We are kicking butt at 16-3 midway through the season. We face off against Randolph macon this week so it should be hype game! No only are we killing it in the gym, we also are maintaining and thriving with our culture. We have been to almost every fall sports event. We even sat through the rain for a 2 hour football game( which the football team thankfully won).

Here are a few pictures from the football game!


The fab freshman with our face paint


The whole team with our signs!

Until next time,

Kaitlyn Brock #14

Starting off Strong

Hi Everyone! Mollie Ray here! I’m super excited to be writing my first blog post to tell you about the first few weeks of classes and the volleyball season this far. I’m taking Economics 101, Writing 101, Environmental Studies, and Intro to Poverty. Poverty and Writing class are so different than any class I’ve ever taken before and I love it. We sit around a conference table and discuss the reading we did for class, where everyone’s input matters. All of the professors are so great! In high school we had 7 classes every day, so having a 4 class schedule is new and exciting.
Now on to the more important things: volleyball. This season is off to an unbelievable start with an impressive record of 12-1. We’ve traveled as far as Rome, Georgia (8 hours each way) and the bus rides are almost as fun as the games themselves. We play games and watch movies and its a great bonding experience. However, whenever we have long bus rides the issue of food comes up. Which is better, Chipotle, Panera, or Sheetz? The answer: never Sheetz, even though Coach will tell you differently. But in all seriousness, being on the team has made the transition into college a great one, and I practically have 9 older sisters helping me figure everything out. I can’t wait see how the rest of the season pans out, hopefully  with many many wins!
Here are a few pictures from the first few weeks!
Until next time,
Mollie Ray #13

FullSizeRender 6.jpg

My great view from the back of the bus. Everyone working on homework on the way to play Averett.

IMG_7440.JPGMy new favorite place to study is the laundry room. It’s nice and quiet with comfortable seating. What more could you ask for?